Uluru Warrior Priestess Activation



Ready to embody the Warrior Priestess within you?

In this event you will receive a powerful 7th Dimensional Lightbody Grid Activation from the Solar Plexus Chakra of the World.

In this event you will:

You will:

🌹 Activate your Solar Plexus Chakra to awaken the deeper chambers of your Heart and anchor in your Divine Priestess Power

🌹Restore and RESET your energy field so that you can hold, align and channel your Divine Power in a while new way

🌹Learn how to channel your power to manifest your Gifts, Purpose & Destiny

🌹Open and activate your Throat Chakra (using Lemurian Lightbody Healing)  to awaken greater expression, creativity and manifestation in your life 

🌹 Open, clear and awaken your Womb for greater expansion, birthing and awakening of your Wild Warrior Feminine Essence

🌹 Heal your relationship to the Divine Mother, strengthen your Feminine power and root your energetic being into Mother Earth for greater stability, security and rebirthing of your 5th Dimensional Self & Reality.

🌹Become a Warrior Priestess in every aspect of your life!

Receive Cosmic Lightbody Codes and Lemurian Grid Activations

In this event you will receive:

🌹 7th Dimensional Lightbody Healing 
to revive and restore your lifeforce, anchor you into the 5th Dimensional Crystal Grid of Mother Earth and accelerate your ability to channel your power and manifest your Destiny

🌹Lemurian Lightbody Healing and Timeline Activation 
to awaken your Lemurian Gifts, heal Timeline and Past Life wounds and powerfully activate your Heart for greater connection to your Higher Self & the Higher Realms

🌹Cosmic Crystal Gridding Activation
to balance the 5 elements within your body and infuse you with Cosmic Light to shift and clear deep Karmic wounds, Ancestral Cords, Stuckness or Stagnation of energy, cleanse your Womb and activate the root/core of your Divine Feminine Power 

🌹MP3 Recorded Channelling & Transmission Meditation included: 
Uluru & Solar Plexus Transmission, Warrior Priestess Transmission & Channelling to guide you into your next steps to embody your Divine power, awaken your Heart and manifest your Destiny.

Who is this event for?

This event is for Spiritual Women, Lightworkers, Priestesses, Sensitive Souls, Healers who are ready to receive a deeper level of activation to awaken and rebirth their Warrior Priestess Power into the world to manifest their 5th Dimensional Heart Based Reality, Purpose & Destiny.

What are the benefits of this event?

In this event you will receive 7th Dimensional Lightbody Healing, Lemurian Lightbody Healing & Timeline Activation and Cosmic Crystal Grid Activations to support you to…

🌹 Awaken & Embody your Warrior Priestess Power
to bring your Divine Feminine into wholeness and accelerate your Soul Manifestation journey

🌹 Activate your Cosmic 3rd Eye
to connect and receive guidance with the Higher Realms

🌹 Clear and Release Karmic Wounds
from Family, Ancestral, Relationships & Past Lives

🌹 Heal your Genetic Line
and release restrictive Ancestral Patterning for greater Spiritual freedom

🌹 Raise & Restore your POWER and LIGHT
to its optimum frequency and vibration

🌹 Heal and awaken your Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat & Womb
so that you can root and source your power to the Womb of Mother Earth

🌹 Strengthen and awaken your Spiritual Gifts
accelerate manifestation of purpose and destiny

🌹 Heal and release old wounds and traumas from Power/Feminine Abuse
heal your Feminine Disempowerment and awaken to your most empowered Wild Feminine Warrior Priestess Self.

Journey into the Womb of Mother Earth

In this event, we will be healing, balancing and restoring your Base / Root, Navel / Womb, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat and all Higher Chakras for Full Body Awakening and activation of: 

🌟 Higher Self
🌟 Cosmic Self
🌟 Soul’s Divine Blueprint
🌟 Akashic records

Uluru is our GATEWAY and access point to balancing Heaven and Earth within your body and consciousness.

You will receive transmissions to awaken your Earth Power AND your Cosmic Power for full body and energetic balance of your Divine power.

Did you know that Uluru is directly connected to the Heart Chakra of the world?

Heart Chakra of the World – Glastonbury, UK

Uluru is directly connected to the Heart Chakra of the World, Glastonbury UK. Uluru is our gateway and access point to the Heart of Mother Earth but also the Womb of Mother Earth and the Cosmic Womb!

Therefore in this event we are divinely healing and upgrading ALL levels of your power:

🌹 Heart Power

🌹 Solar Power

🌹 Womb Power

🌹 Priestess Power

🌹 Cosmic Power

To balance, align, restore your power, energy into wholeness and upgrade your vibration to a higher frequency of Divine Feminine Cosmic POWER & LIGHT.

Work with me to activate your Highest Potential

Work with me to activate your Highest Potential

Hi! I’m Melissa, Soul Healer, Magdalene Priestess & Spiritual Purpose Coach and I’m here to support you to awaken your Sacred Divinity so that you can heal your deepest wounds and restore your Divine Feminine power so that you can live your true destiny and manifest your high vibrational Soul-fulfilled reality with ease and grace.

I have been on the conscious Spiritual journey for almost 15 years now and during this time I have DEDICATED myself to fully understanding and mastering the Soul’s journey. I have healed and released MANY of my past lives, Inner child healing experiences and have supported MANY other Soul’s and Priestesses to heal, release and transform their lives so that they can live, breathe and manifest their HIGHEST Soul’s potential.

Join me for a powerful activation event!

Everything Included:

🌹 7th Dimensional Lightbody Healing 

🌹Lemurian Lightbody Healing and Timeline Activation 

🌹Cosmic Crystal Gridding Activation

🌹Uluru, Solar Plexus & Warrior Priestess Channelling & Transmissions
(Group Healing Feedback, Channelling, Transmissions & Meditation recorded on MP3)

Details of Event

This event will take place on:

Saturday 15th February 2020

You will be called in energetically to the Uluru Grid & Gateway at 5pm Uluru Time.
The energy healing and transmissions will begin at 5pm Uluru time and will be completed exactly at Uluru Sunset 7.30pm.

As this event will be taking place from a remote location, the activations and transmissions will be pre-recorded and sent to you via MP3 as soon as this event is complete.



Join the Uluru Warrior Priestess Activation Event:

£40 / $52 USD

For event FAQ’s – Scroll Below:


1-1 Cosmic Gateway Healing & Reading

In addition to the Uluru Warrior Priestess Activation Event you will receive:

🌹5th Dimensional Cosmic Inner Child Crystal Healing & Activation

Connect your Inner Child to Cosmic Gateways and Star Systems for deep Inner Child Healing & Crystal Heart Awakening. During twilight on the powerful grid of Uluru, you will receive a 1-1 Cosmic Crystal Child Grid, Lightbody Healing & Core Wound clearing.

🌹 Akashic Records, Inner Child and Past Life Reading

You will receive a unique and custom channelling as we utilise the power of the Uluru Grid to retrieve Sacred Knowledge on your Akashic Blueprint, Inner Child and Past Lives.

This will be channelled MP3 recording (20-30mins) with Sacred Knowledge of your Soul’s history and what you need to know in order to heal and accelerate to your Highest potential.

The information for this reading & channelling will be provided by the Spirit of Uluru. Therefore your reading will be unique and I cannot control what information I will receive. The information will be ranging from one, some or all of these topics – Soul’s History, Akashic Blueprint, Inner Child and Past Lives.

Details of 1-1 Cosmic Gateway Healing:

Your 1-1 Healing, Activation & Reading will take place on Sat 15th February during the Twilight (Evening time) of Uluru. 

The Healing Feedback, Reading & Channelling will be pre-recorded on MP3 and emailed to you on completion.

Join the Uluru Warrior Priestess Activation Event
AND 1-1 Cosmic Gateway Healing:

This price includes BOTH Uluru Warrior Priestess Event and 1-1 Cosmic Gateway Healing

£111 / $140

Have a question? Contact me.


Do I need to be awake or tuned into the healing during the Event?
No you do not need to be awake or tuned in during the event. This is totally optional. Due to the timezone of this event, this event may take place during evening or night-time in your location. If you are sleeping or have other arrangements during the event time, you do not need to do anything. Once you receive your MP3 you will consciously be able to tune in and receive your healings and activations whilst listening.
When does the event take place?
The event takes place on Sat 15th February 5pm Uluru Time (which is UTC+8.5 timezone).
What is the refund policy?
Once you have made your purchase it will be non-refundable. This is to ensure that you are energetically committed to receiving the powerful benefits of the event/healings. However if you do have any other issues or queries after purchase please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist.