In these One day Workshops you will learn how to run a Beyond Doorways Healing supporting you to accelerate your Healing and Ascension Journey.


▽ Transference Healing® is a non-touch 7th dimensional frequency healing and ascension modality thats works with the Lightbody and creates Alchemy.

▽ This healing modality works with the Frequency, Light, Matter and Elements to initiate and support a ‘transference’ shift, supporting you to transform from one state of being into another, and heals deep levels of your etheric patterning.

▽ When running this healing it supports you to rapidly clear and upgrade your Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Electromagnetic dimensions of your Body and Consciousness.

 Working with this modality enhances Spiritual Awakening and your embodiment of Christ Consciousness. Through it you can return to a state of oneness with the God/Goddess.

▽ Through channelling and working with this energy, you are empowered to develop your Spiritual Gifts and Talents, expand your psyche and awaken your self-healing abilities.


When you step into the Transference Healing® Beyond Doorways Training you are initiated into the next level of your Spiritual Purpose, Gifts and Destiny. 

Both Level 1 and Level 2 workshops are a powerful introduction to the modality and provide tools and healing procedures which you will use for your lifetime.

In these workshops, you will learn powerful 7th Dimensional Healing procedures which you can utilise to regularly clear, balance and upgrade your body, consciousness and entire energetic system. These procedures were once utilised by the masters and advanced initiates in Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt.

The procedures you will learn support you to release distortion, genetic weakness and Lightbody symptoms, supporting to bring through more balance, wellness and revitalisation into your Body and Consciousness. 

You will come away with powerful tools to support yourself, family and loved ones on a regular basis and you will begin your path of Energy Mastery and become more Empowered in your day to day reality.

Everytime you run a Beyond Doorways Healing for yourself (or someone else) you are creating alchemy in the Body which supports rapid change and transformation, aligns you to your Higher Self and Diamond Light and accelerates the embodiment of your 5th Dimensional Crystalline Body and Reality.


△ You are ready to learn the basics of Transference 7th Dimensional Lightbody Healing and support yourself, friends and family with this powerful Light Technology.

You are ready for a Frequency Upgrade to positively shift your Life and Reality.

△ You feel you have hit a ceiling with your Spiritual Manifestation journey and looking for the next level of your Mastery, Purpose and Destiny.

△ You want to receive powerful healing tools to clear negativity, density and distortion from your Body and Reality, alleviate Lightbody Symptoms, balance and stabilise your Energy Field and activate your Highest Path and Timeline so that you can manifest your Purpose and Gifts.

△ You want to upgrade and master your Relationships, Work Environment, Living Environment and Lifestyle to be aligned with the LIGHT.

△ You are ready to receive powerful teachings of Ascension and learn healing procedures from Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt.

i highly recommend thESE powerful trainings...

I'm Melissa Astara Rose, Priestess, Channeller & Creatress of Magdalene Rose Temple.

In 2013, I completed my Transference Healing Beyond Doorways Trainings and have been running this powerful healing on myself, friends, family and clients ever since. These workshops expanded my level of consciousess and supported me to integrate more Light and accelerate the embodiment of my Gifts.

It is through the support of this modality and these powerful 7th Dimensional Healing procedures that I have created a life of Spiritual Expansion, Freedom, Manifestation, rapid growth, mastery of my Gifts and anchoring of my Soul Purpose.

It is my intention to share this incredible gift and modality with you, so that you can expand into your fullest and highest potential, gifts, manifestation and more!

TRANSFERENCE HEALING® beyond doorways level 1 TRAINING:

Beyond Doorways 1 is a One Day Workshop that enables you to work with and understand the fundamental teachings and healing procedures detailed in ‘Beyond Doorways – the Mysteries Revealed’ by Alexis Cartwright.

These are powerful healing procedures that you can use daily/weekly to master your emotions, balance your energies, relieve lightbody symptoms, raise your vibration and accelerate the embodiment of your Light, Gifts and Purpose.

You learn specific procedures that support you in your own healing and ascension process. This workshop enables you to understand how and why the Earth and humanity is ascending into a new dimension, reality and world and provides the empowerment and self-mastery tools we all need at this vital time of ascension and change.

This profound and transformational workshop will not only provide you with detailed information about the Earth and human changes, but will also teach you a vital healing process that you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle. It will support you to maintain wellness, and to provide the same support to your friends and family.

No prior knowledge or experience is necessary.


◊ One Day In Person Workshop

◊ Beyond Doorways Level 1 Workshop Manual
Guiding you step by step to facilitate a Beyond Doorways Level 1 Healing

◊ 2 x Colour Templates

◊ Beyond Doorways Essence Kit containing 15 Mother Tincture Essences in handmade box.

This workshop does not include the Beyond Doorways Retail Publication. You may like to purchase this independently, preferably prior to attending the workshop.

the BEYOND DOORWAYS level 1 procedures you will learn:

◊ Clearing & Protection/White Light Procedure
you will learn how to clear and template your space

◊ Earth and Magnetic Grid Alignment
Creates balance and wellness in the Body.

◊ Chiron Wounding
Clear your Core Wounding and Genetic Weaknesses

◊ Cosmic Eye Procedure
Clears energetic blockages from your 3rd Eye

◊ Harmony Alignment Point 16
Supports you to surrender to the Goddess/Universe

◊ Amber Drop Procedure
Supports to clear weaknesses from your Glandular System

◊ The Lords Prayer Meditation
Creates a Vibrational Healing impact in the Body

◊ Radiant White Light Procedure
Heals and rejuvenates your Chakra System

◊ Balancing the Emotional Body Procedure
Initiates a Colour Healing process in Body to alleviate Lightbody symptoms

◊ Severing Karmic Pain Procedure
Energetically disconnects you from Karmic Situations and Relationships and revitalises the Body

◊ Feeling Vortex Procedure
Release cords, hooks and webs to prevent energetic depletion

◊ Dragon Power
Revitalises your Power Centre and strengthens your Lifeforce

◊ Doorway Procedure
Clear deep levels of your patterning and heal Genetic Weakness

◊ Protection & Cleansing Procedure
Clears toxicity and detoxifies your etheric/physical system

◊ Purification Procedure
Clears negative energies, emotions and fears and transmutes energetic distortions

◊ Star of David and Crystal Cross Procedure
Creates Pure Alchemy in the Body to rebirth the Christ Self

◊ Beyond Doorways Essence Kit
Create your own Vibrational Essence to integrate the frequencies of the healing


This workshop enables you understand and work with Mystery School knowledge and teachings and explores the technology of Matter and Light. You will learn lightbody technology procedures such as Crystal Skull Healing, Stargate Crystal Gridding and Templating, as well as Lemurian and Atlantean teachings.

The procedures you will learn within this Workshop are not repeated in any other Transference Healing Workshops. You will learn powerful and unique procedures that work with the technology of Light within Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt.


◊ One Day In Person Workshop

◊ Beyond Doorways Level 2 Workshop Manual
Guiding you step by step to facilitate a Beyond Doorways Level 2 Healing

◊ 1 x Colour Template

◊ 2 x Clear Quartz Wands

◊ 1 x Lemurian Wand

◊ Small Clear Quartz Crystal Skull

◊ Stargate Crystal Kit – including 8 x tumbled crystals, 2 x Clear Quartz Platonic Solids, Clear Quartz Cluster and Herkimer Diamond.

the BEYOND DOORWAYS level 2 procedures you will learn:

◊ Crystal Skull Healing Meditation
Anchors your 5th Dimensional Body, releases distortions and integrates your Lightbody

◊ Wand Healing
Clears vibrational, etheric and electromagnetic imbalances from the Body and Consciousness

◊ Lemurian Timeline Wand Healing
Heal your DNA and genetic lineage as far back as Lemuria and access your Past and Future Self 

◊ The Holy Grail Procedure
Supported by Lady Nada to decode distortion from Past Lifetimes and other Timelines.

◊ Stargate Grid Procedure
Learn a powerful gridding technique to receive high frequencies of Elemental, Crystalline and Interdimensional Light into your Body.

beyond doorways level 1 & 2 DETAIls:

These are One Day In Person Workshops which take place in England, UK (Specific Location TBA).

Upon completion of these trainings, you will have the knowledge & tools to run the Beyond Doorways Level 1 and Level 2 Healing on yourself, friends & family.

To become a certified Transference Healing Practitioner (and run the tools in these workshops on clients), you must complete the Fundamental & Advanced Trainings.

Alexis Cartwright is the Anchor and Founder of Transference Healing® & Channel of the Diamond Pyramid of Light ™


These trainings can be taken separately as individual One Day Workshops or combined as a 2 Day Workshop.


Investment: £525

To hold your place a non-refundable deposit of £350 is required.
The final payment of £175 is due 6 weeks before the training commences.


Investment: £525

To hold your place a non-refundable deposit of £350 is required.
The final payment of £175 is due 6 weeks before the training commences.

More information including Dates and Workshop location coming soon. 
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