Magdalene Rose Temple

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Welcome to the Magdalene Rose Temple!

The Magdalene Rose Temple is an etheric temple space of deep Soul healing, Womb Wisdom & Sacred Feminine Awakening supporting you to align to your Inner Soul truth, awaken your Spiritual Gifts and activate your Rose Priestess Destiny.

Hey Beautiful Priestess!

I am Melissa….Soul Healer & Magdalene Priestess. It is such an honour to have you enter this Temple space in support of you receiving Rose Light Activations to awaken your heart and Soul!

Within this Temple space I will be providing Priestess Activations, Rose Mastery Teachings, Energy Transmissions, Sacred Feminine Teachings, Womb Healing and Awakening, Sacred Sexuality Awakening and more…

What you can expect to receive inside the Temple…

Get Instant access to Free Temple Gifts a selection of High Vibe Meditations and Soul Wisdom teachings to raise your Soul vibration and awaken your Priestess Power.

Free Rose Mastery Masterclass to awaken you to your Sacred Priestess path. Receive high frequency transmissions of rose light to access deeper aspects of your Soul + Feminine Wisdom.

Sacred Inner Union Masterclass - you will receive an initiation & activation to accelerate your path to Sacred Inner Union, Sexual Awakening & Twin Flame Partnership.

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Magdalene Rose Temple

Receive my Free Temple Gifts including Magdalene Rose Initiation, Meditations and Masterclasses to raise your Soul Vibration and awaken your Priestess Path!

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Additional Offerings inside the Temple:

Magdalene Priestess Initiations & Activations - Including The Rite of the Rose Initiation, Aboriginal Shamanic Womb Activation & more.

Become a certified Rose Priestess of the Magdalene Rose Lineage Receive the initiations of the White, Pink and Red Rose Priestess to activate your Priestess Gifts, rebirth your Wild Feminine Essence.

A 11 week journey supporting you activate & embody Sacred Inner Union within - create & attract a Saced Spiritual Relationship, cultivate Sacred Inner Union & Embody Divine Marriage, supported by the Holy Family.