Magdalene Rose Temple

Awaken to the path of Rose Mastery and embody Sacred Magdalene Priestess Teachings, Transmissions and Activations.


Hey Beautiful Priestess!

Here are some Temple Gifts from my heart to yours to get you started with raising your Soul Frequency and activating your Divine Feminine essence and Priestess power.

You can use these Free Resources intuitively, tuning into whatever feels good and whatever you need in the moment. I invite you to explore and get started with nourishing your Divine Feminine Soul…

Receive an introduction and energy activation into the Magdalene Rose Temple and your Priestess Path.

Receive an initation meditation into the Rose Lineage to activate your path of Divine Feminine Mastery.

Filled with Sacred Knowledge, Wisdom and Teachings to Master your Emotions and Empower your Heart and Soul.

Awaken to the powers of the Rose so that you can embody your Rose Priestess Sovereignty & Sacred Feminine Power.
Journey through the transmissions of the Rose to embody your Rose Priestess Power & Rose Christ Light, the new frequencies of the Rose.
Receive an initiation into the Rose Flame, a Temple of Isis Activation to awaken the 7 Rose Gates within your body.
Learn about the Holy Womb Grail, and become initiated into the Temple of the Holy Womb by Mother Mary & Mary Magdalene.
You will receive an initiation & activation to from the Holy Family and learn about the journey fo Sacred Union and the Red Rose Path.
Awaken Royal Codes, embody the Egyptian Royal Lines & become a Queen of Magdalene.

Get access to my Free Temple Gifts inside the

Magdalene Rose Temple

Receive my Free Temple Gifts including Magdalene Rose Initiation, Meditations and Masterclasses to awaken your Sacred Feminine Priestess Path

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