rose priestess

Rose Code Transmission with Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene & the Sisterhood of the Rose are supporting us to activate the Rose Gateway within our Hearts, so we can stay tapped into Pure Feminine Source Light, awaken our inner Feminine strength and template are hearts with Unity Consciousness. Mary Magdalene will share with us a Rose code transmission today to support us

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The Alchemy of the Rose – Rose Portal Activation

The Rose is multidimensional and can be worked with in many different ways and in many different vibrations. We can work with the Rose to activate our Priestess Gifts, embody our Feminine Truth and come into alignment with your Highest Path, Purpose & Destiny. The Rose journey holds a series of initiations, and as we

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Rose Priestess Ceremony

As you may be seeing/sensing or feeling, we are now at a time of great change. During this time as Lightworkers & Priestesses, it is important that we hold our light, keep vibrating HIGH and stay connected to our Higher Selves and Divine Feminine frequencies during this time. The more LIGHT we can hold for

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Venusian Rose Star Priestess Templates & Codes of Light

Today Venus has entered into the 7th Gate/Crown Chakra, the gateway of Divine Sovereignty and Higher Feminine Consciousness. She is also coming into her BRIGHTEST radiance on Earth ? Over Mon 27th April / Tues 28th April 2020 (depending on your timezone) the Venus Evening Star will be shining at her brightest! Be sure to find

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Rose Priestess Codes of Light are filtering onto our planet

We have a wonderful opportunity now to deeply embody our Divine Feminine attributes. A wave of peace has washed over our planet and now is the time to embrace the STILLNESS & SILENCE of our world. ▽ We can finally REST▽ We can finally BREATHE▽ We can finally BE STILL▽ We can finally HEAL We

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