Are you ready to get aligned to your Soul's Purpose and Spiritual Destiny?

U+2192.svg Are you feeling out of balance and out of focus?
and need a boost of energy healing to re-align you to your Soul’s path and purpose

U+2192.svg Are feeling stuck or stagnate around your manifesting your goals?
and need to clear underlying fears and limiting beliefs that are holding you back

U+2192.svg Are you experiencing ups and downs physically/emotionally/mentally?
and would like a boost of confidence, understanding and direction with the next steps you need to take

U+2192.svg Are you struggling with manifesting your Spiritual offerings & Business?
and would like to be set on a CLEAR path of tools and strategies you need to apply to start seeing results

U+2192.svg Are you feeling confused about your purpose and not sure what you want or how to get there?
and need support with connecting to your Soul and accessing your DEEPER truth and Divine purpose within

The Soul Purpose Activation package is or you if:

U+2192.svg You are totally READY to start working as a Healer, Intuitive Reader, Soul-centred Coach 
and do what you LOVE (and earn a living from it!)

U+2192.svg You can’t wait to start LIVING your Soul’s purpose
your dream and your blissful reality of working with Soulmate clients and serving humanity.

U+2192.svg You are ready to take ACTION
and manifest your Soul’s Purpose and Destiny into physical form

U+2192.svg You are ready to anchor in your Soul gifts
and start creating a business with real results!

Allow me to introduce myself…

Allow me to introduce myself…

Hi! I’m Melissa, Soul Healer, Magdalene Priestess & Spiritual Purpose Coach and I’m here to support you to awaken your Soul’s purpose and embrace and manifest your most Divine & abundant self in this world.

I have been on the conscious Spiritual & Soul journey for almost 15 years now and I get it! I GET where you are at on your Soul’s journey and I KNOW what is required for you to RAPIDLY get where you need to be! 

I am here to support you to be in COMPLETE alignment to your Soul Self…. 

And to break through the fears, blocks and limitations that are holding you back from manifesting your joyful, abundant, and harmonious purpose RIGHT NOW!

I totally understand what it feels like to be on the journey of manifesting your Soul purpose…

I was IN and OUT of the corporate world for YEARS and was continuously feeling STUCK in a job and life that wasn’t fully aligned to my Soul’s mission.

I was in the process of developing my Spiritual gifts and I knew that I had a Spiritual purpose to fulfill, but I had so many fears, anxieties and concerns that held me back from taking the leap into manifesting my Soul’s purpose.

I also wasn’t fully aware of what MY MISSION was and I struggled to find what made ME unique and what vibration/offerings I could radiate and contribute into this world that made me HAPPY but also served a GREATER PURPOSE.

When I discovered powerful Soul Energy Healing work this is when my life SHIFTED and TRANSFORMED as I finally began UNCOVERING my unique Soul essence, purpose and vibration and how I could channel that in a way that was fulfilling but also supported the rapid healing, awakening and transformation of others!

Some fears & beliefs that may be holding you back right now...

→ I don’t know how to get started
→ I feel overwhelmed and don’t know my next step
→ Is it worth me pursuing me this?
→ Is it safe for me to put myself out there?
→ I know I have a greater purpose but I’m not sure what it is
→ I am not sure what I’m destined for
→ I am not ready to manifest my Divine purpose
→ I am too scared to step out of my comfort zone
→ I am not worthy enough 
→ I am not good enough
→ I fear success
→ I fear failure
→ I fear other people’s judgement
→ I fear being energetically attacked my others
→ I fear public humiliation & shame
→ I fear being wrong
→ I fear not having enough money

The Soul’s Purpose Activation Package will support you to:

✓ Heal, balance and unblock your chakras, aura and energetic field
so that you can feel LIGHTER and ALIGNED to your Soul’s path and purpose

✓ Release underlying fears, blocks & limiting beliefs
that are holding you back so that you can start rapidly manifesting your goals!

Get clear on your Soul’s Purpose
and deepen the understanding of how to utilise your Spiritual gifts and next steps you need to take

✓ Activate your Soul’s unique essence, purpose and Destiny
and receive a deeper understanding of your unique essence and vibration 

✓ Start anchoring in your Spiritual gifts and purpose into a high vibe offerings or a Soul-aligned business
Receive practical guidance, tools and systems to begin manifesting your gifts into physical form!

What you will receive:

Each session is completely custom to you, your Soul and what you need to create the most effective shift for your purpose and business!

1 x 90 minute Soul Healing Session

You will receive support ranging from:

Balance and revitalise your energy
clear cords, negativity and distortion from your aura, chakra’s and surroundings

Heal your emotions
and release any stuck fear, pain, grief or trauma that is holding you back from Past lives, Inner Child or Past experiences

Overcome Fear and Anxiety 
and strengthen your sensitivity and self-confidence

Release stress and tension from the Mind 
so that you can awaken your Intuition & hear your Inner Guidance

Heal old wounds and relationships 
so that you can feel LIGHTER and at peace to move forward

Create a deeper connection to your Soul
so that you can access your deeper path, purpose and destiny

Get clear with your next steps
and what you need to focus on to progress forward on your path

Raise your Soul Vibration and strengthen your connection the the Universe
so that you can feel aligned and balanced energetically to manifest your goals

Create Harmony, Joy and Inner Peace
so that you can feel LIGHTER and at peace to move forward

Receive an energetic healing and activation 
to boost your Soul’s healing and manifestation process

1 x 90 minute Soul Purpose/Business Session

You will receive support ranging from:

Get clear with your purpose
your mission and your destiny

Feel confident
about who are you are meant to serve and why

Get laser clear focus
with the type of clients you want to attract.

Be clear about the services you want to offer
and how to offer them in a way that is fully aligned to your Soul

Learn how to set up online and offline marketing strategies
for attracting clients and growing your business

△ Learn how to sell your offers on social media 
and how often you should post, when you should post and how to structure your posts to attract your Soulmate clients

△ Learn the tools, actions and systems 
to continually build your client base, build rapport and develop your business

△ Overcome the fear of radiating your light 
and spreading your Soul’s mission and message with ease

△ Overcome Abundance and Money Blocks
and shift your mindset to uplevel your manifestation

△ Breakthrough fears and limitations around being seen and manifesting your gifts
so that you can step out of your comfort zone and expand your impact

△ Anchor in your Spiritual purpose into the physical world
receive energetic and emotional support to make a shift and ground in your Spiritual energy


You will receive 2 x 1-1 Sessions to give you a Divine balance of the Feminine and Masculine:

Balancing the Feminine and Masculine is a vital process for manifesting your Spiritual gifts, Soul’s purpose and Soul-aligned business!

Therefore within this package you will receive powerful Soul Healing to raise your vibration and shift you energetically and you will also receive PRACTICAL business support to anchor and manifest your Soul gifts into physical form!

Work with me to heal and accelerate your Spiritual Business to the next level

Work with me to accelerate your Spiritual Business to the next level

I’m here to support you to successfully set up your Spiritual Business and manifest your Soul’s purpose into physical form!

After training in many healing modalities and working with clients from all over the globe I have created my Signature Soul Formula process and 1-1 Soul Programmes that successfully support Spiritual Souls, Empaths and Healers like yourself to BLAST through your fears, blocks and limitations and ACCELERATE your Soul’s journey so that you can MANIFEST your Destiny and live a successful Soul-fulfilled life with freedom, joy, wisdom and Divine light.

I work in complete harmony to your unique Soul’s journey and give you whatever your Soul needs in the moment to create rapid results in awakening and manifesting your Soul’s Divine Journey

What others are saying about Melissa…

Beautiful Soul...I've truly done it all!

I’ve spent YEARS of my time learning, researching, creating my own websites, experimenting with offline/online marketing strategies and establishing a SPIRITUAL business.

And as you may have noticed…

There are not that many Spiritual Healers visible online! (compared to other industries). So it’s not easy to find a standard template or set of rules to follow by!

There is new ground to break here…

And all those USUAL business tips, strategies that you will see or learn elsewhere don’t ALL apply to a Spiritual Business! 

In the Soul Purpose Activation Package…

You will receive a HIGH VIBRATIONAL boost of your Soul’s path & purpose and the tools, systems and steps you need to see instant growth in your Spiritual purpose & business!

Ready to get started?

Package Investment:
£270 / $325 USD


2 x monthly payments of £140 / $170

Have a question? Email me