Step into a 1-1 Soul Programme

Work With me…

I am here to support you to..

Become an EMPOWERED Lightworker, Spiritual Soul, Healer, Intuitive, Priestess, Soul-centred Coach
and live the DREAM life of doing what you LOVE

Awaken and manifest your UNIQUE Soul Essence + Vibration 
so that you can embrace your TRUE identity and manifest your DIVINE Soul Purpose + Gifts into this world!

BREAKTHROUGH the underlying fears, blocks and limiting beliefs holding you back
from living your blissful Soul-aligned life so that you can start manifesting your purpose and Soul-fulfilled life with rapid results!

But right now you might be feeling…

Stuck, Unfulfilled, Stagnate, Lack of direction, Confused, Emotionally Imbalanced, In need of change, Low in energy and living a life that is not FULLY aligned to your Soul’s mission + Destiny.

I get you!

And let me tell you….right NOW you have the potential to MANIFEST your Soul’s purpose and Destiny and be deeply fulfilled, successful and happy in your Soul’s journey!

In all the work I offer, you will receive a balance of the SPIRITUAL high vibrational energy healing and DEEP SOUL EMBODIMENT and aligned practical action. I believe in the POWER of BOTH to effectively get where you need to be.  

I find that most offerings out there are either missing the high vibrational SPIRITUAL element or they are missing the PRACTICAL element to help you manifest!

I give you both!

I offer you enlightened, high frequency, Spiritual and energetic healing experiences 


I offer practical wisdom, tools and knowledge to create DIVINE balance and to support you to become an EMPOWERED and SUCCESSFUL Healer and Lightworker of this world

✔ I have lived through the entire SOUL cycle journey, and have mastered it

So now I can teach you my powerful Soul formula of Soul Purification, Activation and Transformation to support you to rapidly MANIFEST your Soul’s purpose and become an empowered Healer, Lightworker and Leader of this world.

✔ I support to EMPOWER you and remind you that you are a POWERFUL CO-CREATOR! 

All the manifestation abilities are inside of you, you just need to be ACTIVATED and ANCHORED to make it all happen!

✔ I work in complete harmony to your unique Soul’s journey 

And give you whatever your Soul needs in the moment to create RAPID results in awakening and manifesting your Soul’s Destiny and Spiritual Business with SUCCESS, ABUNDANCE and SERVICE.

Ready to accelerate your Spiritual Purpose + Destiny to the next level?

I invite you to step into a 1-1 Programme so that we can create SOUL MASTERYRAPID TRANSFORMATION in your life.

You will be supported to MASTER your journey of manifesting of Spiritual Gifts and Divine purpose through powerful 1-1 Soul Healing & Sacred Feminine Embodiment Sessions to rapidly accelerate your Soul’s Destiny and create the Soul-fulfilled life that you desire!

1-1 Soul Coaching is for you if:

You are a Spiritual Soul, Healer, Lightworker, Soul-centred Coach
(or all of the above!)

You know that you have DIVINE Purpose and Destiny to fulfill in this world
but you not sure what it is or how to successfully manifest it

You are ready to create DEEP Healing, Freedom, Manifestation and Transformation in your life
and receive powerful support to create your dream Soul-fulfilled life!

And you want to BLAST your way to refining your Soul’s unique energy and frequency
manifest your PURPOSE and DESTINY and become SUCCESSFUL & ABUNDANT from doing what you love!

Ready to get started?

Lets blast your way to a high vibe Successful Soul-Fulfilled Life!

Awaken your Soul Essence and Restore your Divine Feminine Power in this 1-1 Magdalene Priestess Womb Blessing & Healing Package you will heal deep aspects of your Soul and rebirth your Divine Feminine Wisdom & Essence.

Manifest your Soul Purpose + Accelerate your Spiritual Destiny - Step into the Magdalene Rose 6 Month Programme to powerfully heal your Soul, manifest your Spiritual Gifts, activate your Soul Purpose + Embody your Destiny.

1-1 Soul Healing offering...

Elevate your Soul Vibration - Experience a powerful 1:1 Lightbody Healing Session to rapidly raise your Soul vibration, accelerate your Spiritual path, clear your energy, unblock your Soul and align you to your Divine Purpose.

Spiritual Business Support...

Market your Spiritual Business Course + 1-1 VIP Package - Get started with setting up your Spiritual business Offline + Online + receive powerful 1-1 energetic support to boost the manifestation of your Spiritual Business.

Accelerate your Soul Purpose + Spiritual Destiny now!