3 Steps to Creating a Soul-Fulfilled Life

To create a Soul-fulfilled life means to live a life of passion, harmony, creativity and Divine Purpose.

However this kind of life doesn’t just fall into our laps, we have to consciously choose to create and manifest this life through our thoughts, decisions and actions.

Here are 3 fundamental steps you can to take to support the awakening of your Soul and manifestation of a Soul-fulfilled life:

1. Self-Love and honouring your Soul Self

This is the first and fundamental step to manifesting anything you want in your life, whether it be abundance or a Soul-fulfilled business. It is ALWAYS vital to ensure you have a healthy relationship with yourself. If you cannot respect yourself, honour yourself, nurture yourself or love yourself you will not develop a strong connection to your Soul and therefore you will not be fully able to manifest your Soul-fulfilled life. Each and everyday treat your Body, Mind and Soul as a Sacred being. Allow time for rest, take salt baths, walk in nature, read your favourite book, book a massage, go away on a weekend trip. Ensure that Self-love is balanced in your day to day life.
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2. Follow your JOY and PASSION rather than following your head

It takes courage to pursue what you TRULY want to do, rather than what the mind/ego guides you to do. Your internal blocks that are holding you back need to be worked with – such as fear of not being safe or secure, lack of confidence, emotional imbalance, sensitivity, energy and power issues & inner child wounds. Once these aspects are healed and worked through, your Soul-fulfilled life will naturally begin to manifest. Trust in your feelings, heart felt knowing and gut instincts and always follow and choose what makes you happy.
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3. Take ACTION no matter how small towards making your dreams come true

To manifest a Soul-fulfilled life starts with a simple step. Whether it be writing in a manifestation journal, researching your ideas, receiving a 1-1 session for support or attending a workshop or course. Always try to take some form of action to START the process of manifestation. With each step you take, another will be revealed and this is how the Universe will guide you. Have trust in yourself and the Universe and learn to take leaps of faith!
I invite you to practice these 3 simple steps everyday and you will begin to align to your Soul and manifest your Soul-fulfilled life.

Many blessings! xx

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Melissa Astara Rose

I'm here to support you to embody your Divine Feminine Lineage and align to your Higher Self, Gifts, Purpose and Destiny as a Lightworker and Priestess.

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Melissa Astara Rose

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