5 Simple Steps to Heal Anxiety and Overcome Fear

The first step to knowing that your dealing with fear is if you experience moments of anxiety.

Anxiety is a symptom of fear. So when your feeling anxious, that means your subconscious fear has been activated and your are feeling your fear on a cellular level.

When you feel anxious, you may feel panicked or rushed in some way. You may also feel that you are reacting to life, rather than just slowing down, taking your time and enjoying the journey. Your mind may be over-active and you may be thinking a lot, analysing a lot or trying to hurriedly find solutions from your mental plane.

Next time you feel anxious follow these steps:

1. Once you have become aware of your anxious state, stop what your doing.

When you are like this, you are in an imbalanced state. Whatever decisions or actions you take from this place will come from a place of fear rather than love. So it is important firstly to catch yourself in the moment of anxiety and then just stop for a moment.

2. Stop in stillness and silence, close your eyes for 5 minutes and breathe.

Remember closing your eyes and stopping still for 5 minutes is not going to take anything away from you!

3. During these 5 minutes, sit and connect with your breath and fully feel the anxiety that is in your body.

By feeling the anxiety and staying present with it, you are supporting it to release. And this is the first step to clearing your anxiety and overcoming fear. When you are able to meet your anxiety face to face, feel it, breathe into it and release it – you are supporting your body to clear it.

The underlying fear (beneath your anxiety) comes from unresolved emotions stemming from past life experiences, Inner child experiences, or even genetic disposition. This is why healing your Inner child and past life is so vital to supporting your Soul healing journey because you are healing and releasing core fears, blocks and patterns that are subconsciously controlling and restricting your life.

So next time you feel anxious, follow the steps above. Stop still for 5 minutes, recognise your subconscious fears have been activated, close your eyes, go into silence and breathe. Stay present with your heart and through the breath support your body to release the anxiety and inner panic.

4. Then as you sit with this a little longer ask yourself:

– What am I fearful of?

– Why am I so fearful right now?

– Is this fear really true?

– Does the Universe align to this fear?

– Do my guides and angels align to this fear?

5. Journal the answers to these questions and allow yourself to explore what comes up for you.

Recognising what it is your fearful of is so important, usually when people have chronic anxiety, they don’t even take time to go deep enough and explore what their truly fearful of in the first place.

If you know WHAT you are actually fearful of, you are half way there to healing it and releasing it for good!

Anxiety comes up when your actually not dealing with your fears. So when you can label your fear, know what it’s about, where it’s coming from, you are meeting it head on and you are supporting it to finally clear out from your body and consciousness so that it no longer rules you or controls you in your everyday life.

Once you become clear of what your fear is, it is important to sink deeper into it and feel it. For example a fear or rejection, fear of failure or fear of expression. Whatever it may be, once you have labelled it, then its time to feel it, with no judgement.

Then ask yourself in what moments in my life did i feel for example rejected, or that I was a failure or that I couldn’t express? It is likely you have unresolved emotions from these moments in time that have created this illusion of fear in your current reality. It is important to allow yourself to go into these memories and experiences and allow yourself to feel the pain associated with that experience. This is unresolved pain that needs to be felt in order to be released from your body, and this is how you can set yourself free.

Your emotions are the only things that keep you stuck in life. If you can break through them layer by layer, feel them and release them, you will be mastering your emotional self and you will be creating true freedom, bliss, harmony and awakening in your life.

This is the process of healing your Soul. The more you can heal and clear from your past, the more harmony, happiness and success you will have in your present and future.

Many blessings! xx

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