Course | Shamanic Animal Totems & Energy Healing Activations

Connect with the Animal Totems to shift your Soul frequency and increase your Spiritual Empowerment

This course takes you on a Shamanic Healing journey of connecting to the Animal Kingdom, discovering your Animal Totem and receiving Energy Healing Activations from 12 Powerful Animal Totems.

The Energy Healing Activations support you to divinely balance your energy field and clear karmic cords, webs and energetic distortion, so that you can heal your Soul and increase your Spiritual Empowerment into the realms of Divine Light.

The Animal Kingdoms are POWERFUL sources of energy we can tap into to Divinely heal aspects of ourselves and awaken higher consciousness.

Each animal teaches us a DIVINE WISDOM and Soul Attribute that we can awaken within us, so that we can restore our Soul’s back to HARMONY and WHOLENESS.

Heal your Self-worth and awaken your Spiritual power!

Heal your Self-worth and awaken your Spiritual power!

In this course you will learn about different Animal Totems and their Spiritual meanings and learn which Animal is your totem right now and you can work with it’s Divine presence to support your Divine Healing, Empowerment and Soul awakening journey!

In this Course you will learn:

✓ What is an Animal Totem?

✓ The Different Animals Totems and their Meanings

✓ How to discover your Animal Guide through a guided Animal Totem Meditation

✓ Experience a Shamanic Totem Energy Healing Activation Journey with 12 Powerful Animal Totems

✓ Connect with the Animal Totems representing the 4 Elements

✓ Connect with the Animal Totems supporting you to clear energetic webbing, karmic cords and increase your Spiritual Empowerment

✓ Connect with the Animal Totems supporting you to align to Crystalline Consciousness, Master your energetic balance, receive Divine Protection and Alchemy

✓ Learn how to do One Card and Three Card Readings using an Animal Totem Deck

Note: There are no pre-requirements for this course, you do not need to own an Animal Totem Deck to complete this course.

Course Curriculum:

Part 1: Choosing your Animal Totem

1. What is an Animal Totem?

2. The Different Animals Totems and their Meanings

3. How to use the Animal Totem Meditation

4. Animal Totem Meditation

5. The Shamanic Totem Energy Healing Activation Journey

Part 2: Heal with the Elements

1. Connect with the Gnome: Earth Spirit

2. Connect with the Sylph: The Air Spirit

3. Connect with the Phoenix: The Fire Spirit

4. Connect with the Undine: The Water Spirit

Part 3: Breakthrough old Karmic Patterns + Raise your Spiritual power

1. Connect with the Spider: for De-webbing + Co-creation

2. Connect with the Hummingbird: for embodying the Spiritual Warrior

3. Connect with the Frilled Neck Lizard: for healing Self-worth

4. Connect with the Griffin: for Spiritual Empowerment

Part 4: Raise your Soul Vibration into Higher Consciousness + Accelerated Ascension

1. Connect with the Crystal Fairy: for awakening Crystalline Consciousness

2. Connect with the Sphinx: for Lightbody Activation

3. Connect with the Gargoyle: for Divine Spiritual Protection

4. Connect with the Thunderbird: for Lightening shifts

Part 5: How to Work with the Animal Totem Cards

1. Introduction to Spreads and Readings

2. One Card Reading

3. Three Card Reading

4. Summary + Completion

This Online Course is presented in a series of Video & Audio.

Work with me to heal, awaken and empower your Soul!

Hi! I’m Melissa, Soul Healer & Spiritual Purpose Coach and it is my MISSION to create more empowered Spiritual Souls, Healers and Lightworkers in this world!

In this course we go on a DIVINE journey with the Animal Kingdom to heal, awaken and restore your Energetic, Emotional and Spiritual being back to wholeness!

You will learn more about the Animals and there Spiritual meanings and will deeply connect with 12 Animal Totems to rapidly heal and purify your Soul and awaken Divine empowerment within your life!

You will be energetically supported to:

✓ Clear Energetic Webbing and awaken your Co-creative powers

✓ Embody your Inner Spiritual Warrior

✓ Heal low Self-worth and create more Self-love

✓ Heal Disempowerment and awake Divine Empowerment

✓Awaken your Crystalline body and consciousness

✓ Awaken and Anchor your Lightbody

✓ Create Divine Spiritual Protection in your life

✓ Create Lightening Shifts of healing, awakening and manifestation

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