Sacred Union Masterclass

with Mary Magdalene & Yashua

Create & attract a deep Sacred Spiritual Relationship, cultivate Sacred Inner Union & embody Divine Marriage

Awaken & Activate Holy Sacred Union

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In this Free Masterclass you will be initiated onto the path of deeply healing and unifying your Inner Polarity forces; Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine so that you can accelerate your path to Sacred Inner Union.

You will receive a Sacred Union Activation & Initiation from Mary Magdalene & Yeshua

You will receive a Sacred Union Activation & Initiation supporting your energetic body to expand open into receiving and anchoring Sacred Inner Union within your Heart, Soul & Feminine Core. 

You will receive an energy transmission from Mary Magdalene & Yeshua supporting you to RAPIDLY clear energetic blocks, subconscious fears and deep emotional wounding that have been holding you back from fully merging and unifying the Feminine & Masculine within your Heart, Body and Consciousness.


▽ Introduction to Sacred Union & the Holy Family

Learn more about Sacred Union and the Holy Family.

▽ Understand the journey of Sacred Union and requirements of creating and attracting a Holy Sacred Relationship

what that means and looks like and how to embody it.

▽ Understand the blocks and barriers that are preventing you from Sacred Inner Union and Relationship Mastery

so that you can make a shift and manifest the next level of your Sacred Intimacy and Feminine Awakening.

▽ Receive a Sacred Union Activation from Mary Magdalene and Yeshua to open and expand your Energetic Body, Womb & Heart

to prepare and activate Holy Union of your inner Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

Watch: Sacred Union Masterclass with Mary Magdalene & Yeshua

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