Rose Code Activation

Rebirth into the 5D Golden Age Isis

Are you ready to rebirth into the Divine feminine golden age?

We have now transitioned into the 5D Golden Age of Isis, beginning a New Era on Earth (also known as the Aquarian Age).

The Earth templates are shifting and changing…and the Temples of Isis are being rebuilt in preparation for being encoded with higher frequencies of light. For those who are ready, they will receive the new 5D Isis Templates and will be working in the Temples of Isis on the etheric planes to anchor our new Divine Feminine Golden Age on Earth.

Now is the time to embrace and uplevel into your Divine Feminine power and High Priestess Sovereignty. We now have our window of opportunity to accelerate our Ascension so that we can embody our Cosmic High Priestess selves into the world.

The Temples of Isis

The Temples of Isis have rebirthed to support the return of the Golden Age of Isis ☥

Now is the time to reconnect with Goddess Isis and receive her transmission, wisdom and guidance for how she would like you to prepare for your great rebirth into this new Golden Age on Earth.

She is ready to expand your heart and rebirth her Temples of Light so that you can access her higher codes of light, wisdom and empowerment ☥

In the last few years we have spent time anchoring and preparing for a great rebirth into Divine Feminine Sovereignty. During this time the Temples of Isis were etherically rebuilt on our planet so that we can be supported by her pillars of light and upgrade our energies to new 5D Divine Feminine Templates.

In the Rose Code Activation…

You will be supported to enter the gateway to become a co-creator of the 5D Golden Age of Isis.

You will be held within a sacred temple of light to receive the new 5D Golden Age of Isis Templates to support you to hold, embody and anchor your High Priestess of Isis Sovereignty.

You will receive an activation into the ROSE GRAIL – a 5D Feminine Christ Template held and anchored onto the planet by the new Temples of Isis. 

You will be supported to shift, clear, re-align and MANIFEST your Highest Potential so that you can birth your Highest Path and Purpose and become a Priestess of Isis Gatekeeper for the new Temples of Isis that have been rebuilt here on Earth.

Now is the time to re-align to the Temples of Isis and upgrade your Heart….

Isis is preparing us to rebirth into our Hearts.

 She wants a ‘Heart Uprising’ and is guiding a greater expansion within our Hearts so that we may all surrender and begin to live and operate more from the frequency of our Hearts.

Now is the time for all of us to make a declaration to Goddess Isis so that we can rebirth into our High Priestess of Isis Sovereignty. 

Included in this journey:

☥ Video Masterclass (2 hours):

You will receive a Video Module with background channelled information and will then receive the 5D Temples of Isis Initiation, Energy Transmissions and Rose Code Activation.

NOTE: It is relevant to receive this activation at ANYTIME. This activation is available in the ethers at anytime you are ready to receive, and you will be supported to make the transition into the 5D Golden Age of Isis and become a Priestess Gatekeeper of Isis.

Included within the masterclass:

☥ 5D Rose Codes, Isis & Golden Age – Wisdom & Teachings

Receive Channelled teachings from Goddess Isis for how to prepare, re-align and upgrade for the Divine Feminine rebirth and New Golden Age on Earth.

☥ 5D Rose Grail Activation

You will be re-templated into the New 5D Global Grid Matrix in preparation for the gateway of 21st December and your rebirth into the Golden Age. You will be guided to release old cellular coding from your Heart & Womb so that you may receive and embody 5D Rose Grail Codes within your being and become a Rose Grail Keeper for the planet. 

☥ 5D New Golden Age Manifestation Activation

You will be guided to re-align your Higher Self to upgrade your Manifestation path on Earth. You will be supported to align to your Higher Purpose and Spiritual Gifts so that you birth these onto the planet, so that you can create and anchor your 5D Crystalline Reality on Earth. 

☥ Temples of Isis & Priestess of Isis Gatekeeper Activation

You will be initiated into the new Temples of Isis and you will receive the new 5D Isis Templates and Isis Activation so that you be initiated as a Priestess of Isis Gatekeeper. As a Gatekeeper you will hold more power and light, and will be more attuned the guidance and wisdom of the Temples of Isis so that you can become a channeller and anchor for these frequencies on our planet.

When receiving this Masterclass you will…

☥ Receive a powerful energy clearing to release old cellular codes so that you can upgrade and receive your new 5D Golden Age of Isis Templates

The slate will be wiped clean! And you will be supported to be re-template into the new 5D Isis Rose Codes.

☥ Be supported to Embody the Rose Grail for a deeper embodiment into your Sacred Feminine Divinity

You will be supported to hold the Rose Grail templates within you which will support you to become a Rose Grail Keeper and raise the frequency of your Soul Purpose manifestations.

☥ Become Initiated as a Priestess of Isis Gatekeeper

The new Temples of Isis need gatekeepers! A certain number of Priestesses are chosen to hold the frequencies of templates of these Temples so that the planet can rebirth into the Divine Feminine Golden Age.

☥ Accelerate your 5D Golden Age Manifestation

Manifest your deepest Soul’s desires. You will be supported to come into alignment with your Higher Self and Mother Earths Grid for greater manifestation powers birthing your Golden Age reality.

☥ Deepen your connection & embodiment of Isis

You will receive a transmission to align and deepen your connection to Goddess Isis & her Temples so that you may be open to her presence and Divine Guidance.

Work with me to embody your High Priestess power

Work with me to embody your High Priestess power

I'm Melissa, Soul Healer, Magdalene Priestess & Creatress of Magdalene Rose Temple.

I’m here to support you to awaken your Sacred Divinity so that you can heal your deepest wounds and restore your Divine Feminine power so that you can live your true destiny and manifest your high vibrational Soul-fulfilled reality with ease and grace.

I have been on the conscious Spiritual journey for almost 15 years now and during this time I have DEDICATED myself to fully understanding and mastering the Soul’s journey. I have healed and released MANY of my past lives, Inner child healing experiences and have supported MANY other Soul’s and Priestesses to heal, release and transform their lives so that they can live, breathe and manifest their HIGHEST Soul’s potential.

Who is this Activation Journey for?

Please ensure you are suitable to receive this activation journey by reading the guidelines below…

This Activation Journey is for you if:

☥ You are familiar and open to receiving High frequency Energy Transmissions & Activations

☥ You are able to hold space for yourself to receive this work and you are able to take responsibility for your personal wounds and emotions as they arise.

☥ You understand this is a FEMININE journey, the content offered does not take you into the mind, it does not teach lots of knowledge or history and it is not based on masculine methods of learning, this is an Energy Transmission journey.

Receive this powerful activation…

Everything Included:

☥ Video Masterclass (2 hours)

Included within Masterclass:

☥ 5D Rose Codes, Isis & Golden Age – Wisdom & Teachings

☥ 5D Rose Grail Activation

☥ 5D New Golden Age Manifestation Activation

☥ Temples of Isis & Priestess of Isis Gatekeeper Activation 

Receive the Rose Code Activation:


£44 / $55 USD*

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