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The Rose Priestess Academy is a high frequency programme supporting you to powerfully embody the alchemy of the Rose, Rebirth your Divine Feminine Essence and Activate your Rose Priestess Destiny.

During this programme you will be supported with 7th Dimensional Lightbody Healing, Mother Mary & Magdalene Womb Blessings, Rose Energy Transmissions & Sacred Feminine Teachings to rapidly awaken your Spiritual power, rebirth your Wild Feminine essence and birth the power of Rose Alchemy within you.

How the Rose Priestess Academy can support you:

🌹Cleanse and purify your Heart & Soul

🌹Heal Genetic weakness and inheritance, Ancestral Karma and Family Wounding

🌹Restore your Divine Feminine Essence within your Heart, Womb, Yoni

🌹Heal and release Sexual Imbalances, Blockages, Trauma & Abuse from the body

🌹 Heal deep Feminine Disempowerment from Past Lives,  Inner Child & Past Experiences

🌹 Awaken your Crystalline Consciousness and birth your Crystalline body

🌹Align to your Higher Self, Universe and inner Divine Guidance

🌹 Awaken your Spiritual and Soul Gifts

🌹 Awaken and expand your Sacred Sexuality

🌹 Release old relationship cords and attachments so that you can attract a Sacred Spiritual Relationship

🌹 Heal the inner depths of your Soul for Pure Healing, Awakening, Freedom, Enlightenment

Rose Priestess Academy starts 21st December 2020 – Winter Solstice

In this programme you will be initiated onto the path of Rose Mastery 🌹 and will be supported to EMBODY the frequencies of the White, Pink & Red Rose Priestess. 💫🌷

Included in the programme:
△ Magdalene Rose Priestess Energy Transmissions
(White Rose Priestess, Pink Rose Priestess & Red Rose Priestess)
△ 7th Dimensional Lightbody Healing
△ Mother Mary & Mary Magdalene Womb Blessings
△ Cosmic Crystal Gridding Activations
On completion of the Rose Priestess Academy you will receive a certificate from Magdalene Rose Temple™ honouring you as a Rose Priestess.This is blessed and honoured by the Mary Magdalene & the Sisterhood of the Rose.🌷

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