Are you ready to…

➡️ REMOVE the struggle, stuckness and stagnation from your life?
➡️ RELEASE anxiety and fear and become an empowered Priestess?
➡️ Find your TRUE PATH and manifest a reality that is in complete alignment to your Soul?
➡️ Clear away uncertainty and bring more FREEDOM, ABUNDANCE and MANIFESTATION in your life?
➡️ Feel CONFIDENT in expressing your Soul’s gifts and listening to your Higher Guidance?
➡️ Feel lighter, clearer, empowered and READY to take on the world?

If your saying YES YES YES! then you have come to the right place!

Priestesses of the Light™ is a High Vibrational Online Temple for Spiritual Women supporting you to awaken your Priestess power, rapidly unblock your Soul and release deep energetic blocks, fear and disempowerment so that you can: 

ACCELERATE your Spiritual Destiny
AWAKEN your Spiritual Gifts
ALIGN to your Soul’s Mission
ACTIVATE your Divine Feminine Power
MANIFEST Abundance, Purpose & Empowerment in your life!

Here in the Priestess Temple we understand that being on the Soul’s journey and awakening your Spiritual self is not an easy path!

You may be feeling…

→ Lost on your Soul’s path
and looking to find true fulfillment and purpose

→ Lack of Self-worth & low confidence
and want to strengthen your uniqueness, gifts & intuition

→ You are not good enough or don’t have enough 
and want to experience wholeness, happiness and bliss in your life

→ You feel blocked in expressing your true Spiritual Essence
and want to confidently shine your light and radiate your Unique Soul Essence & Vibration

→ You want more Abundance & Manifestation in your life
and want to learn how to master your money, manifestation and abundance journey

→ Slow progress on your Soul’s manifestation journey
and you want to accelerate the positive changes and transformations that you want to create in your life

→ Lack of clarity, focus & insight
and in need of deeper understanding of your life, path, purpose & journey

→ You are at a crossroads in your life
and need to align with your True North and discover your Soul’s true path & Spiritual purpose

→ Hypersensitive and easily impacted by what others think, feel or say
and you want to balance your sensitivity, be less impacted and more strengthened in your confidence to shine

→ Experiencing emotions ranging from negativity, sadness, depression, fear, frustration, anger
and want support & deeper understanding of how to heal and release your inner wounds

→ In need energetic revitalisation & protection 
and you want to powerfully prevent energetic leakage, depletion and negativity in your life

Beautiful Soul I get you!

Beautiful Soul I get you!

Hi! I’m Melissa, Soul Healer, Magdalene Priestess & Spiritual Purpose Coach and I’m here to support you to awaken your Soul’s purpose and embrace and manifest your most Divine & abundant self in this world.

I have been on the conscious Spiritual & Soul journey for almost 15 years now and I get it! I GET where you are at on your Soul’s journey and I KNOW what is required for you to RAPIDLY get where you need to be! 

I am here to support you to be in COMPLETE alignment to your Soul Self…. 

And to break through the fears, blocks and limitations that are holding you back from manifesting your joyful, abundant, and harmonious purpose RIGHT NOW!

This is why I created the Priestesses of the Light Temple…

So that you can receive POWERFUL Soul healing support on a monthly basis, RAISE your Soul vibration and AWAKEN to your Spiritual Destiny!

Your Divine Journey

When on you are on the Soul & Spiritual journey it is VITAL that you receive regular energetic support, cleansing, clearing and raising of your vibration to continue to support your body and consciousness to energetically align with our rapid evolving world! 

If you do not allow yourself to receive REGULAR energy healing support, high vibrational teachings, channelled wisdom & energy transmissions you will experience stuckness, stagnation, lack of clarity & slow manifestation on your Soul’s path.

Within the Priestesses of the Light Temple you will receive Powerful Lightbody Energy Healing, Soul Activations, Energy Transmissions and Divine Feminine Teachings supporting you to OVERCOME energetic blockages so that you can feel:

△ Confident In Expressing your True Self

△ Energetically Healed & Supported

△ Aligned With Your Soul Gifts

△ Clarity of your Soul’s Path + Essence

△ A Deeper Connection to Spirit & the Universe

△ Less Sensitive and More Awakened In your Power and your Purpose

△ Aligned to Abundance and Manifesting your Desires

△ Aligned to your Divine Feminine Priestess Journey

△ Awakened in your Womb, Sacral Chakra and Yoni

△ A rapid release of emotional wounds so that you can awaken more Divine Love and Sacred Sexuality in your life

Every Month inside the Temple you will receive:

Join all your Priestess Sisters in a monthly Online Temple Healing Event where you will receive:

△ Soul Guidance for the Group
△ Energy Transmissions
△ Soul Activation Meditations
△ Priestess Initiations
△ Sacred Feminine Teachings

In support of healing your Soul, aligning you to the Universe & activating your Divine Feminine Power

Every month you will be included in a Group Lightbody Energy Healing which supports:

△ Cleansing of your aura and energy field
△ Karmic + Ancestral Healing
△ Energetic Cord Cutting + Astral Clearing
△ Divine Feminine + Masculine Alignment
△ 7th Dimensional, Universal + Soul Alignment
△ Chakra Balancing, Healing + Activation

You will receive this high level energy healing support on a monthly basis! 

Each Month you will receive an Online Priestess Workshop teaching you:

△ Powerful Manifestation Rituals
△ Womb Healing Practices
△ Emotional Healing Practices
△ Crystal Healing Teachings
△ Goddess Rituals
△ Abundance Workshops

Supporting you to awaken your Spiritual gifts, manifest your Spiritual Purpose and incorporate high vibrational rituals in your life.

You will have access to ALL event & workshop replays and additional content library filled with:

△ Soul Wisdom Teachings
△ Powerful Meditations
△ Trainings + Workshops
△ Mini Courses
△ Audio & E-Books

So that you can accelerate your Spiritual knowledge, create positive energy shifts in your life and awaken to higher consciousness.

Get access to a range of Mini Courses to empower your Priestess journey:

△ Activate your Soul’s Purpose
△ Aromatherapy Blending with Crystals
△ Create Powerful Crystal Grids
△ Manifest your Spiritual Gifts
△ Spiritual Protection + Energy Cleansing
△ Manifest your Purpose as a Healer

So that you can empower your Soul with HIGH VIBE knowledge and skills to take you to the next level of your Spiritual purpose!

Each Month you will have access to live Soul Q&A support where you can receive answers and guidance to any of your questions! Ask about:

△ Soul Healing
△ Relationships
△ Spiritual Purpose
△ Fears & Blocks
△ Soul Gifts
△ Emotional Healing
△ Crystals, Aromatherapy & more!

Join a Sisterhood community of High vibe Spiritual Women from all over the world:

△ Make friends & connections
△ Share Updates
△ Exchange Soul Gifts
△ Receive Soul Support
△ Be a part of a community of Lightworkers that understand your journey

As a sensitive Lightworker, community support is highly vital and beneficial for your Spiritual journey!

What does it mean to become a Priestess of the Light?

When you become a Priestess of the Light you step onto your highest Soul’s path and you are supported to:

△ Raise your Vibration & Live in Higher Consciousness
Receive high Vibrational Energy Healing, Meditations & Soul Activations so that you can release all fears, blocks and limitations and embody the light.

△ Powerfully Heal and Awaken all aspects of yourself
You are supported to heal and release old patterning, negativity, emotions and energetic cords so that you can feel LIGHT & FREE and live your most abundant life.

Create Divine Love, Harmony & Heart Based Relationships in your life
Receive regular support to heal your Soul & Divine Feminine self so that you can attract your Soul Mate, Twin Flame and call in harmonious relationships into your life.

△ Discover your Inner Soul depths, Gifts and Past Lives 
Awaken and activate your deep Soul aspects and become aware of your true Soul’s Identity!

△ Become a powerful Healer, Mystic, Lightworker, Feminine Leader
You have a Spiritual Purpose to fulfill, its time to realise your highest potential and learn how to express your true Divine Essence.

△ Connect to Spiritual Guides, Ascended Masters, Angelic Realms
Strengthen your connection to the Higher Realms of Light and become aligned to the Masters of the Universe.

△ Heal your Womb + awaken your Sacred Sexuality and attract Divine Love in your life
Align to the Sacred Priestess Teachings of Magdalene and Isis so that you can awaken your Priestess Sovereignty and step onto the path of Divine Feminine Mastery

△ Awaken your Spiritual Gifts and Purpose
Learn to recognise your Spiritual gifts and awaken them into purpose & manifestation.

Within our Monthly Temple Healing Events, Soul Energy Healing and Priestess Workshops you will be supported to awaken and embody all these Divine Priestess aspects within your life!

The healing benefits of joining the Priestesses of the Light…

→ Heal and balance your emotions

→ Balance Physical, Emotional & Mental Symptoms

→ Heal Energetic Sensitivities

→ Heal Energy Leakage and Karmic Relationships

→ Cleanse your Chakra’s, Aura and Energy Field

→ Create Energy Protection & Shielding

→ Release Blocks, Fears & Limitations

→ Open your Heart & 3rd Eye

→ Embrace your Inner Power and Light

→ Attract Heart-Based Relationships

→ Rebirth the Divine Feminine within you

→ Manifest Joy, Abundance & Fulfillment

→ Activate your Soul’s Unique Path and Purpose

→ Anchor your Lightbody & Ascension process

Trainings & Content Instantly Available

✓ Abundance & Manifestation Practices Training

✓ Intention Setting & Manifestation Workshop

✓ Spiritual Protection & Energy Cleansing Rituals Course

✓ Crystal Gridding Mini Course

✓ Aromatherapy Blending with Crystals Mini Course

✓ Awaken your Spiritual Power + Manifest your Spiritual Gifts Workshops

✓ Manifest your Divine Purpose as a Healer Mini Course

✓ Womb Healing, Meditation & Basic Womb Practices Workshop

✓ Womb Healing with Crystals Workshop

✓ Crystal Grid Printable Templates

✓ Manifest your Spiritual Gifts Workshop

✓ 14 x Audio Meditations including Heart Activation Meditation, Abundance Meditation, Divine Goddess Meditations & More

✓ 16 x E-Books on Crystals, Aromatherapy, Chakras, Soul Healing & More.

✓ 32 x Soul Wisdom Audio including How to Increase your Self-worth, the EXACT Manifestation Process, How to do Cord Cutting, How to Deal with External Triggers & Challenges & More. 

✓ ALL previous Temple Events & Soul Activations

What others are saying…

Raise your Vibration & Accelerate your Spiritual Ascension!

This Priestesses of the Light™ Temple is for you if:

△ You want to receive Monthly Energetic Healing Support and rapidly raise your vibration

△ You want to ACCELERATE the manifestation of your Spiritual Gifts, Purpose + Destiny

△ You want to create more Abundance and Manifestation in your life

△ You are ready to align to your Soul’s Mission

△ You are ready for Divine Feminine Mastery in your Life

Within the Priestesses of the Light you will receive MONTHLY:
△ Powerful Lightbody Energy Healing
△ Energy Transmissions and Soul Activations
△ Energy Clearings, Cord Cutting + Soul Alignment
△ Sacred Feminine Teachings + Workshops
△ Powerful Soul Activation Meditations
△ Goddess Rituals + More!


If you are READY to step into your NEXT LEVEL of purpose, power and light then the Priestess journey is for you!

Watch the video to find out more:


Align to your Soul’s Mission

Priestess Temple Healing Event

In this Temple Healing event you will be energetically supported with Lightbody Energy Healing, Channelled Teachings and Energy Transmission Meditations to powerfully align you to your Soul’s mission, purpose and Destiny.

During this event you will:
✓ Get clear on your Soul’s Mission + Align to your NEW Soul vibration
✓ Receive an energetic upgrade of your Soul’s Mission + Purpose
✓ Raise the vibration of your manifestation intentions so that you can powerfully align your mission and purpose to Divine Will
✓ Balance your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in a whole new way in alignment to these new energetic upgrades of light so that you can start to powerfully manifest your purpose

Sat 12th October 2019
9am PST / 12pm EST / 5pm GMT
Live Online Event
(replay available if you can’t join live)

Anchor your Soul’s Mission

Priestess Workshop

This month’s Priestess Workshop is all about anchoring and grounding your Soul’s mission so that you can manifest in alignment to your upgraded vibration, purpose and frequency.

During this event you will:
✓ Receive knowledge, wisdom and teachings to support the grounding and anchoring of your upgraded Soul’s Mission, Purpose and Destiny.
✓ Align your Soul’s Mission with Mother Earth so that you can anchor into the Earth plane and manifest your purpose, goals and desires.

24th October 2019
10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm GMT
Live Online Event
(replay available if you can’t join live)