Rose Priestess Codes of Light are filtering onto our planet

We have a wonderful opportunity now to deeply embody our Divine Feminine attributes. A wave of peace has washed over our planet and now is the time to embrace the STILLNESS & SILENCE of our world.

?We can finally REST
?We can finally BREATHE
?We can finally BE STILL
?We can finally HEAL

We can finally LET GO & SURRENDER to the Divine will of the Universe.

We can finally FLOW with the changes and TRUST that everything is in Divine order.

We can finally CLEAR our anxieties and fears, and learn to be at ONE with the Divine Feminine frequencies of our planet.

We can finally COMMUNE with the Higher Realms and receive their Divine Light & Cosmic Blessings.?

Now is the time for Lightworkers, Priestesses and Spiritual Souls to EXALT into their Divine Greatness! ???

Ready to shift into your Divine Feminine Sovereignty? ?

In this video I share with you the potency of the Libra Full Moon and a Rose Heart Channelling of how to Rose Priestess codes are now anchoring onto our planet.

Watch now:

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Melissa Habibi

Melissa Habibi

Soul Healer, Divine Feminine Priestess & Spiritual Purpose Coach
I support Spiritual Souls, Healers & Lightworkers to awaken their Soul's Purpose, accelerate their Spiritual Destiny and manifest their Spiritual Gifts & unique Soul Essence into the world.

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