Mystery School of Isis Channelling & New Temples of Light

The Higher Mystery School Temples of Isis are now being energetically rebuilt on our planet ☥

Now is the time you can access the Isis Keycodes and Initiations to embody your Sovereign Divinity.

Now is the time you can master and embody your High Priestess of Isis codes of Light

So that you can raise your frequency and awaken the Feminine Christ codes within your every cell in your being.

The Mystery Schools of Isis are finally returning to our planet and we are finally coming into our new Golden Age here on Earth!

The Higher Mystery School of Isis Templates are now weaving within our Earth’s Grid and Etheric Temples of Light are being built at specific locations around our planet to support the rebirthing and uprising of the Feminine Golden Age.

Finally we can access these Isis Keycodes and Templates greater than ever before, and as Priestesses we can finally complete our initiations on our path to Divine Feminine Mastery?

The collective womb of Mother Earth is deeply calling for the Isis Codes of Light to be embodied within her crystalline core, she is here to support us to birth the new Isis Templates within our Wombs.

✨Ready to step into the Higher Mystery School’s of Isis and receive your Initiations of Light?✨

In this video I share with you a Mystery School of Isis Channelling & Templating journey, as New Temples of Light are anchoring onto our planet, we can now receive new Rose code templates & High Priestess of Isis activation.

Watch now:

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Melissa Habibi

Melissa Habibi

Soul Healer, Divine Feminine Priestess & Spiritual Purpose Coach
I support Spiritual Souls, Healers & Lightworkers to awaken their Soul's Purpose, accelerate their Spiritual Destiny and manifest their Spiritual Gifts & unique Soul Essence into the world.

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