2021 Divine Feminine Ceremony & Rose Grail Activation

We have now entered into the Golden Era of 2021, finally we can pave the way for the Divine Feminine Golden Age to anchor on Earth.

However the start to 2021 seems more shaky than ‘Golden’ as the whole planet ADJUSTS to the planetary shift of having to stablise and centre their energy within their HEARTS.

2021 is the year of the Heart, is it the return of Isis and the 5D Golden Age of Isis. However this is not an overnight shift! Humanity now has to adjust to this New Earth and the way of the Divine Feminine & the Heart.

We now have to find new ‘footing’ as the Earth Grid has now fully shifted into the 5D Divine Feminine, we must now find a new sense of balance within our body and consciousness.

2021 requires a deeper surrender into the internal self. The way forward is through the heart and through the ability to trust in the flow of life.

The answers of how to move forward in your life and path are now accessed within the Heart and no longer within the Mind. The way of the Masculine and the Mind-Orientated decisions have come to an end. We can no longer move forward or manifest in this way of the Masculine/Mind energy.

The greatest strides we can make on a personal level within 2021, will be achieved through deep reflection, contemplation, internal surrender and the ability to be receptive to your Higher Self, Soul and Feminine Wisdom.
Now is the time for the FEMININE to lead the way, and humanity must now adjust and practice this new approach to living and manifesting.

Each day I recommend you set the intent to allow your Inner Feminine to be in charge and to guide your day, and we can begin a new pathway and new era of manifesting the 5D Golden Age of Isis on Earth.

To support you to align to the energies of 2021 I would like to invite you to receive 2021 Divine Feminine Golden Age Ceremony & Rose Grail Activation.

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Melissa Habibi

Melissa Habibi

Soul Healer, Magdalene Isis Priestess & Creator of Magdalene Rose Temple
I’m here to support you to embody your Magdalene-Isis Priestess Gifts and and manifest your Divine Purpose + Sacred Feminine power into this world.

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