Mini Courses

Awaken your Inner Moon Goddess Meditation Album

Awaken your Divine Feminine Soul - A selection of high vibrational guided meditations and audio to awaken your Soul, activate your Divine Feminine and align you to the Universe. Use these meditations regularly to stay aligned.

Womb Awakening & Sacral Chakra Healing with Crystals

Deepen the connection to your Womb, Soul and Emotional self - In this training you will be guided through simple and powerful practices supporting you to connect with your Womb & Divine Feminine essence.

Aromatherapy Blending with

Learn how to create Aromatherapy Oil Blends & Sprays and infuse them with Crystal Vibrations - In this course you will learn the tips, tricks and formula's of how to create oil and spray blends and infuse them with Crystal vibrations.

Create Powerful Crystal Grids for High Vibrations

Learn how to create simple and powerful Crystal Grids to raise the vibration of your life, home & space - In this course you will learn will how to create simple and powerful crystal grids to create Divine healing & manifestation in your life.

Heal the Gateways to your Soul & achieve Emotional Harmony

Heal your emotions, awaken your Soul and create Divine Flow in your life. Learn how to heal your emotions, work through emotional challenges and how to master your heart.

Shamanic Animal Totems & Energy Healing Activations

Connect with the Animal Totems to shift your Soul frequency and increase your Spiritual Empowerment. Discover your Animal Totem and receive Energy Healing Activations.