Magdalene Priestess Womb Blessing & Healing


Receive a Magdalene Frequency Womb Blessing, Healing & Activation for Divine Feminine Awakening

The Magdalene Womb Blessing & Healing Package is or you if:

U+2192.svg You are feeling stuck or stagnate around manifesting your Soul desires + goals
and need to clear underlying fears, blocks and limitations to create ease, flow and rapid manifestation in your life

U+2192.svg You are ready to DEEPEN your connection to your Divine Purpose and Unique Soul Essence
and need support with connecting to your Soul and accessing your Inner truth and awakening your Spiritual Gifts + Soul purpose within

U+2192.svg You have unresolved Past Life/Inner Child emotions, trauma + pain
that need to be healed and released from your Past Lives, Inner Child and Past Experiences so you can powerfully raise your vibration into 5th dimensional consciousness

U+2192.svg You want to heal and unblock your Sacral Chakra / Womb / Yoni / Sexual Energy
and need to heal, release and transform energetic blockages so that you can feel lighter, freer and aligned to your true Feminine essence and Sexual sovereignty

U+2192.svg You are on the Priestess journey or want to be initiated deeper onto your Sacred Feminine Path
So that you can awaken your Priestess Power and begin to receive blessings, guidance and initiatory activations from the Magdalene Lineage of light.

Right now you may be feeling...

Lost, Confused or Stuck
in your life, purpose and relationships

Emotionally Imbalanced and Disorientated
about what you feel or what you want in your life

△ Unfulfilled in your romantic relationship 
and in need of clarity with regards to your Soul path

△ Lack of direction and alignment to your Soul’s Purpose
and would like to uncover your Divine essence + True Purpose

△ Unable to attract a Sacred soulmate relationship 
and in need of releasing blocks that are holding you back from attracting Sacred union in your life

△ Physical Symptoms + Emotional Imbalances
that you would like to heal, release and restore back to wellness & harmony

△ In need to connecting deeper to your Heart and Soul
so that you can access your deeper Soul Wisdom, Inner Knowing and True Calling in life

△ Past Life Karmic patterns
playing out between you and your family and relationships that are in need of release, healing and closure

△ Blockages within your Emotions / Relationships / Lifestyle
and in need of a deep connection to your feminine source to heal, awaken and restore your Womb power

△ Blocked in Manifesting your Soul Gifts
and would like fast track support to manifesting your Soul-aligned life

△ Unable to fully shine your light and express your truth
and in need of healing the throat chakra/power centre to step into your Divine power and radiate your light and unique essence

Beautiful Soul I get you!

Beautiful Soul I get you!

Hi! I’m Melissa, Soul Healer, Magdalene Priestess & Spiritual Coach and I’m here to support you to awaken your Sacred Divinity so that you can heal your deepest wounds and restore your Divine Feminine power so that you can live your true destiny and manifest your high vibrational Soul-fulfilled reality with ease and grace.

I have been on the conscious Spiritual journey for almost 15 years now and during this time I have DEDICATED myself to fully understanding and mastering the Soul’s journey. I have healed and released MANY of my past lives, Inner child healing experiences and have supported MANY other Soul’s and Priestesses to heal, release and transform their lives so that they can live, breathe and manifest their HIGHEST Soul’s potential.

Magdalene Priestess Womb Healing and Sacred Soul Embodiment work is a powerful deep healing process where we can access and heal CORE wounding that is the root to physical/emotional imbalances, Karmic patterns, struggles and challenges that are you experiencing in day to day life

During my life I experienced alot of darkness in my childhood, Inner Child trauma & abuse and experiences filled with shame, humiliation, anger, sadness and grief.

Almost 15 years ago, I began a deep healing process to heal, release and transmute my painful experiences so that I could deeply understand my Karmic lessons, heal my family relationships and release my unresolved pain and emotions.

This was the most REWARDING work I ever invested in as it brought me PEACE, FORGIVENESS, UNDERSTANDING and I was able to restore my Divinity – Who I truly was, what I was here to learn and what Divine Purpose I was here to serve.

Over many years of healing and mastering my journey, I discovered that a blend of powerful 7th Dimensional Lightbody Healing, Magdalene Priestess Frequency Healing, Womb Blessing and Sacred Soul Embodiment work was a powerful combination to SHIFT and TRANSFORM my life and I finally began to awaken my Divine Feminine power, own my sense of Self, increase my confidence and REFINE my unique Soul essence, purpose and vibration and manifest my Spiritual Gifts, Purpose + Business out into the world.

The Magdalene Priestess Womb Blessing & Healing Package will support you to:

✓ Heal, balance and unblock your chakras, aura and energetic field
so that you can feel LIGHTER and ALIGNED to your Soul’s path and purpose

✓ Release underlying fears, blocks & limiting beliefs
that are holding you back so that you can start rapidly manifesting your goals!

✓ Attract heart-based & balanced relationships in your life
so that can create harmony in your relationships and start living your Sacred High Vibe reality

✓ Heal Past Lives, Abuse, Sexual blockages, Emotional Imbalances & Trauma
so that you can heal your deeper Soul aspects, master your Soul lessons and awaken to your Divinity

✓ Connect to your Inner Soul Depths and restore your Divine Feminine Power
so that you can birth your Spiritual gifts and Soul Destiny into this world

✓ Awaken your Unique Soul Essence and Shine your Light
so that you can align deeper to your Soul purpose and live, breathe and manifest your Soul-fulfilled life and Spiritual power

✓ Manifest your Spiritual Gifts + Soul-fulfilled Life
receive a boost of support to manifest your Spiritual gifts + purpose so that you can see physical results now!

What you will receive:

Each session is completely custom to you, your Soul and what you need to create the most effective shift for your Divine healing and Sacred Soul embodiment journey. You will intuitively receive a range of support and whatever applies to you from the following lists…

1 x 90 minute Lightbody Healing Session

You will receive support ranging from:

Balance and revitalise your energy
clear cords, negativity and distortion from your aura, chakra’s and surroundings

Release stuckness + emotional blockages 
and release any stuck fear, pain, grief or trauma that is holding you back from Past lives, Inner Child or Past experiences

Strengthen your sensitivity and self-confidence
by overcoming your fears and anxieties and strengthening your energy field

Awaken your Intuition + Inner Guidance
so that you can trust your instincts and become a power co-creator

△ Activate your Soul + Divine Purpose
get more aligned to your Soul and clarity on your unique Soul essence

△ Breakthrough fears and limitations around being seen and manifesting your gifts
so that you can step out of your comfort zone and expand your impact

Create a deeper connection to your Soul
so that you can access your deeper path, purpose and Spiritual Destiny

Get clear with your Soul Purpose + next steps
and what you need to focus on to progress forward on your path

Raise your Soul Vibration and strengthen your connection the the Universe
so that you can feel aligned and balanced energetically to manifest your goals

Create Harmony, Joy and Inner Peace
so that you can feel LIGHTER and at peace to move forward

Receive an energetic healing and activation 
to boost your Soul’s healing and manifestation process

△ Manifest your Spiritual Gifts + Talents
Receive support in physically manifesting your gifts, taking action, creating a plan and a business.

1 x 90 minute Magdalene Womb Blessing Session

You will receive support ranging from:

Sacred Womb Blessing and Frequency Healing from Mary Magdalene
we will work the Divine Presence of Mary Magdalene to facilitate a deep Divine Feminine Healing within your Womb, Yoni, Body, Heart and Soul (this is custom and unique to you).

Receive Womb Healing & Awakening
to release blockages, awaken your Divine Feminine power and activate your unique Soul essence

 △ Heal your Inner Child patterning
from limiting beliefs, karmic patterns, abuse or trauma

△ Heal disempowerment, power plays and sever karmic cords
from current relationships, past lives, Inner child, past experiences & karmic relationships

△ Heal old wounds and relationships 
so that you can feel LIGHTER and at peace to move forward into Sacred Divinity

△ Heal and release of abuse or trauma from the body
from past experiences, Inner Child or Past Lives

△ Past Life Regression
You will be supported with a Past Life regression (if requested by your Soul) to facilitate a deep clearing and healing within your body and consciousness

△ Align with Sacred Inner Union
So that you can clear through any relationship fears and blocks and become a greater magnet for attracting a Sacred Spiritual Relationship

△ Restore your Feminine power
so that you can heal vulnerability and feel safe to awaken and express your true essence

Awaken your Sacred Sexuality Within
we will clear and release sexual blocks, imbalances, fears and trauma’s to restore your Womb and essence into her purest vibration

Boost your self-worth and self-confidence
as your heal and release judgement, abandonment & rejection

△ Email Check in + Support
In between sessions to keep you aligned, connected and supported in your transformation and integration process.

△ Sacred Temple of Light
During this package you will be held within my 5th dimensional Sacred Temple of Light as a transformational container so that you are energetically supported to transform and shift in between the 1-1 sessions.

Work with me to heal and accelerate your Soul’s journey to the next level

Work with me to heal and accelerate your Soul’s journey to the next level

I have been on the conscious Spiritual & Soul journey for almost 15 years now and after training in many healing modalities and working with clients from all over the globe I have created my signature Soul Formula process and 1-1 Soul Programmes to support you to BLAST through your fears, blocks and limitations and ACCELERATE your Soul’s journey so that you can MANIFEST your Destiny and live a successful Soul-fulfilled life with freedom, joy, wisdom and Divine light.

I work in complete harmony to your unique Soul’s journey and give you whatever your Soul needs in the moment to create rapid results in awakening and manifesting your Soul’s Divine Destiny.

What others are saying about Melissa…

In the Magdalene Priestess Womb Blessing & Healing Package…

You will receive a HIGH VIBRATIONAL boost of 7th Dimensional Lightbody Healing, Magdalene Frequency Healing, Womb Blessing + Sacred Embodiment Activations so that you can DEEPLY heal and release core wounding, AWAKEN your Divine essence and boost the manifestation your Wild Feminine power and Soul-Fulfilled life into this world.

Ready to get started?

Package Investment:
£270 / $335 USD


2 x monthly payments of £140 / $175

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