Explore Magdalene Rose Temple Offerings

Offerings inside the Temple:

Magdalene Rose Temple - Receive my Free Temple Gifts Library including Meditations, Activations, Sacred Teachings & Masterclasses for your Priestess Path.

Magdalene Priestess Initiations & Activations - Including The Rite of the Rose Initiation, Aboriginal Shamanic Womb Activation & more.

Become a certified Rose Priestess of the Magdalene Rose Lineage Receive the initiations of the White, Pink and Red Rose Priestess to activate your Priestess Gifts, rebirth your Wild Feminine Essence and align you to your Spiritual Destiny.

Holy Womb Grail Gates - 8 Week Online Course - You will be initiated within the Temple of the Holy Womb, an Ancient Priestess Temple for Womb Priestesses. In this temple, you will go on a deep Womb & Yoni Healing journey with Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene.

A 11 week journey supporting you activate & embody Sacred Inner Union within - create & attract a Saced Spiritual Relationship, cultivate Sacred Inner Union & Embody Divine Marriage, supported by the Holy Family - Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Yeshua & Sar'h.