Offerings inside the Temple:

Magdalene Rose Temple - Receive my Free Temple Gifts Library including Meditations, Activations, Sacred Teachings & Masterclasses for your Priestess Path.

Magdalene Priestess Initiations & Activations - Including The Rite of the Rose Initiation, Aboriginal Shamanic Womb Activation & more.

Crystal Grid Templates - Learn how to create & activate powerful Crystal Grids for your home & space & become a High Priestess of Crystalline Light.

Rose Priestess Academy - Become a certified Rose Priestess of the Magdalene Lineage. Journey through the White, Pink & Red Rose for Sacred Feminine Embodiment with Mother Mary, Lady Nada & Mary Magdalene.

Holy Womb Grail - 8 Week Online Course - You will be initiated within the Temple of the Holy Womb, an Ancient Priestess Temple for Womb Priestesses. In this temple, you will go on a deep Womb & Yoni Healing journey with Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene.

A 11 week journey supporting you activate & embody Sacred Inner Union within - create & attract a Saced Spiritual Relationship, cultivate Sacred Inner Union & Embody Divine Marriage, supported by the Holy Family - Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Yeshua & Sar'h.