Magdalene Rose Flame

Purification & Circle of Fire Ceremony


Now is the time as Priestesses that we UPGRADE and UPLEVEL our ability to utilise our Power & our Gifts.

As Magdalenes one of the Greatest skills we can utilise to support our journey is our ability to PURIFY. Purification is what supports us to deeply release & make a shift on a cellular level so that we can REBIRTH.

The Magdalene Path takes us on a journey to become a MASTER of Purification, it is only through purification that can we transmute and UPGRADE our bodies to hold more Divine Light & Sovereignty.

The magdalene rose flame is a flame of purification

We are now living in a world of Mass Purification.

We are feeling the the world around us deeply purify and also struggling to purify.

As Sensitive beings, we are deeply impacted by the heaviness of the world and the Mass Fear that is being released.

As Magdalenes we are being asked to MASTER our Purification process. We have to learn to keep clearing & cleansing our energy fields so that we can stay aligned in our power as channels for the Higher Light.

We are being asked to UPGRADE and UPLEVEL our ability to utilise our Power & our Gifts…

And so we are also being taken through a deep process of Purification within ourselves to decode old cellular memory & Karmic wounds so that we can step up and embody our Highest Potential as we become beacons of light for the Earth.

We are now living in a New Age on Earth. We have rebirthed into a new dimensional reality and so we need new tools to support us to sustain our light & vibration and keep us protected & supported as we evolve.

In the magdalene rose flame ceremony...

You will purify & transmute your density, fear & wounds of separation into the light.

You will step into the Magdalene Flame of Purification to purify & cleanse your energetic being, balance your energy field and make way for new pathways of Light so that you can fulfill your Purpose & Destiny with ease and grace.

You will learn how to activate the Magdalene Rose Flame so that you utilise this as a tool of Purification & Ascension.

This procedure supports you to stay connected to your light & Higher Self so that you can maintain a clear channel to the God/Goddess.

To become a Master of Purification means to become a Master of Transmutation & Rebirth.

Through the power of Purification, you can become LIGHT, FREE & REBIRTH your body & consciousness into a new & higher vibration.

In this Ceremony you will receive...

▽ Magdalene Rose Flame & Circle of Fire Video Masterclass (3 hours):

In this Masterclass you will receive channelled Magdalene Rose Flame Teachings, Magdalene Flame Procedure & an initiation & transmission to deeply purify your body & consciousness.

Included within this masterclass:

▽ Magdalene Rose Flame Channelled Wisdom & Teachings

You will receive Channelled teachings & Wisdom about the Magdalene Rose Flame, Purification Procedures and Mary Magdalene’s guidance on how to support our energies into 2022 & beyond.

▽ Activate the Magdalene Rose Flame Purification Procedure

You will learn an energetic procedure for how to activate the Magdalene Rose Flame within your space so that you can utilise this as a tool of Divine Purification to rapidly cleanse & clear your space, body & consciousness so that you can keep aligning to the Highest Light.

▽ Magdalene Rose Flame Initiation & Transmission

You will be guided into a Magdalene Rose Flame Initiation & Transmission to receive the Magdalene Rose Flame code supporting you to deeply purify & release on a cellular level.

▽ Past Life Clearing - Opening & Closing Doorways

You will be guided to access doorways to Past Lives (that may hold deep wounding/restrictive beliefs/stuckness) and you will be supported to clear & resolve them into completion & closure.

▽ Circle of Fire Ritual & Ceremony

You will be held within an Etheric Circle of Fire Ritual where you will be supported to deeply cleanse your Astral Energy Field releasing all density, negativity and external thought forms and transmute them into the light.

What are the benefits of
receiving this journey?

⚜ Reset, Renew & Rebirth your Energy Field, Body & Consciousness

You will receive a deep clearing of old energetic baggage, patterns, restrictions, stuckness. Your energy field will be cleared so that you can feel clearer, lighter and aligned to your Truth & Higher Self.

⚜ Learn how to activate the Magdalene Rose Flame for Rapid Cleansing & Purification

You will learn a guided procedure to activate the Magdalene Rose Flame and utilise this whenever you need to support you to clear your space, body & consciousness and activate the Magdalene Empowerment Codes of Truth & Sovereignty within you.

⚜ Receive the Magdalene Rose Flame Initiation to decode old cellular patterns & recode and rebirth you into Magdalene Priestess Sovereignty

You will receive a pure transmission of the Magdalene Rose Flame to deeply purify your DNA, decode old cellular restrictions, activate your Heart, awaken your Priestess Gifts, align you deeper to your Purpose & Destiny & rebirth you into your True Divine Self.

⚜ Resolve Karma from Past Life Doorways & bring closure

During this time on Earth, alot of our Past Life Trauma has been triggered which has caused our Past Life doorways (Soul memories) to open for healing & closure. We will explore these doorways, clear the wounding and bring them to closure.

⚜ Receive a deep clearing of your Astral field, clearing negativity, thought forms & uninvited energies

You will be included in a etheric Circle of Fire Ritual to cleanse and purify your Astral field, supporting you to feel lighter and strengthened in the essence of your True Self, Integrity & Divinity.

Work with me to activate your Highest Potential

Work with me to activate your Highest Potential

I'm Melissa, Soul Healer, Magdalene Priestess & Creator of Magdalene Rose Temple.

I’m here to support you to embody your Magdalene-Isis Priestess Gifts and and manifest your Divine Purpose + Sacred Feminine power into this world.

I have been on the conscious Spiritual & Soul journey for almost 15 years now and I am here to support you to be in COMPLETE alignment to your Priestess power…. 

So that you can break through the fears, blocks and limitations that are holding you back from manifesting your 5D Sacred Feminine Purpose & Destiny as a Lightworker & Priestess.

It is time for us to step into the Fires of Transformation…

So that we can create ALCHEMY and turn darkness into light / lead into GOLD, this is what we are here to MASTER⚕️

Mary Magdalene steps forward to offer us support in activating the Magdalene Rose Flame.

She is supporting us to re-template our HEARTS, to activate and hold the Magdalene Flame within our Heart Consciousness so that we can continually stay anchored to our Truth, Fearlessness, Higher Self & Feminine Wisdom.


join the magdalene rose flame ceremony...

Everything Included:

⚜ Magdalene Rose Flame Ceremony Video Masterclass  (3 hours)

Included within the Masterclass:

⚜ Magdalene Rose Flame Channelled Wisdom & Teachings

⚜ Activate the Magdalene Rose Flame Procedure

⚜ Magdalene Rose Flame Initiation & Transmission

⚜ Past Life Doorways Clearing & Closure

⚜ Circle of Fire Ritual & Ceremony



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