Explore Magdalene Priestess Initiations & Activations

Mystery School of Isis Initiations:

These Initiations must be received in order from 1-3.


Rose Alchemy Ceremony Receive the The Rite of the Rose Initiation, a Sacred Priestess Ceremony from the Mystery School Teachings of Isis.


Temple of the Venus Star Receive the Venusian Rose Star Priestess Initiation, an ancient Ritual performed within the Mystery School's of Isis.


Temples of the Inanna Receive the Star of Inanna Initiation & awaken your High Priestess Sovereignty, from the Mystery School of Isis.

Shamanic Initiation:

Awaken and Activate your Aboriginal Womb Tribe Lineage Discover your Soul's Aboriginal Roots & Animal Totem to awaken your Shamanic Priestess Gifts

Sacred Feminine Abundance Activation:

Become a 5D Divine Feminine Manifestor & Co-Creatrix Empower yourself with the 5D way of manifesting Money & Abundance in alignment to your Soul Purpose & Destiny.

Crystal Grid Templates – Rose & Isis Activations:

Rose Priestess Crystal Grid Package

Learn how to create & activate Rose Priestess Crystal Grids to embody the power of the Rose and accelerate your Rose Priestess Mastery journey. Included White Rose, Pink Rose & Red Rose Priestess Grid Activations.

Mystery School of Isis Crystal Grid Package

Learn how to create & activate Mystery School of Isis Crystal Grids to embody your High Priestess of Isis Sovereignty. Included Rose Alchemy, Venusian Rose Star & Star of Inanna Grid Activations.