Garden of eden transmission

Reclaim your Primordial Innocence


The Garden of Eden represents the Original Template of Creation

The story of the Garden of Eden begins with Adam & Eve, created by the God/Goddess as the first beings of Earth.

Their story starts as Original Innocence, the Purity of Creation.

First came the Feminine Consciousness; Eve (today’s Bible will say differently). She birthed onto Earth to experience her divinity in a physical realm. Eventually she decided to split her self into two (which begins the concept of Twin Flames), so that she can explore this realm with another and embrace the path of co-creation. 

Through a test of temptation,
the Original Innocence template became wounded…

And both Feminine & Masculine consciousness fell into separation.

This then created the wounds of love; Betrayal, Denial, Judgement, Separation & Abandonment.

And so the separation wounds of Feminine & Masculine consciousness was imprinted.

Now is the time to heal these wounds, and restore our templates back to Original Innocence, our primordial birthright.

In the Garden of Eden Transmission…

You will return to the Garden of Eden to reclaim your primordial innocence as Lilith (the true identity of Eve) and you will restore your primordial Feminine Power & Sovereignty.

You will be supported to heal your wounds of love and separation, and resolve the inner Masculine and Feminine conflict within your subconscious blueprint.

You will return to the Tree of Life to restore your Original Sacred Blueprint, you will receive the Tree of Life templates and recode them within your being. 

In this transmission you will receive the Holy Codes of Creation & Union…

You will receive:

▽ Garden of Eden Transmission - Video Masterclass (2 hours)

In this event you will receive channelled Garden of Eden Teachings and a Guided Energy Transmission journey to heal your separation wounds, restore Divine Holy Union & reclaim your Primordial Innocence.

Included within the masterclass:

▽ Garden of Eden Channelled Wisdom & Teachings

You will receive Channelled teachings & Wisdom about the Garden of Eden, Adam & Eve, Lilith, the Original Holy Bible & the Tree of Life to support you to recode into your Original Sacred Blueprint of primordial innocence.

▽ The Garden of Eden, Tree of Life & Original Holy Bible Transmission

You will be guided on a Energy Transmission journey to receive the transmission of the Garden of Eden & to reclaim purity & innocence within every being of your Heart, Soul & Consciousness. Through this process you will heal the wounds of love that have been keeping you separate from your Primordial Innocence. You will return to the Tree of Life to retrieve the Original templates of Creation. You will also receive an Original Holy Bible transmission, of the true and pure frequency of the Bible before it was altered/distorted/changed.

▽ Garden of Eden Crystal Gridding Activation

You will receive a crystal gridding activation to support the decoding of old patterns & templates within you so that you can recode the new Lilith templates within you. You will gridded and templated with the Garden of Eden Seed of life template, which includes a White Rose & White Lily Activation and Fleur De Lis Activation. 

▽ Reclaim the powers of Lilith Initiation

You will heal the karmic wounds within your Feminine Consciousness to reclaim your power as Lilith. So that you may rise and exalt into your Feminine Power & Sovereignty as a Primordial Feminine being.

▽ Holy Union Activation – unifying Masculine & Feminine

You will heal the karmic wounds of Masculine Consciousness to release separation and reclaim your birthright and rebirth into Oneness, Holy Union, Sacred Union and the embodiment of the trinity of the Holy Spirit.

Who is this transmission
journey for?

Please ensure you are suitable to receive this initiation & activation journey
by reading the guidelines below:

This Transmission Journey is for you if:

☥  You are familiar and open to receiving High frequency Energy Transmissions & Activations

☥  You are able to hold space for yourself to receive this work and you are able to take responsibility for your personal wounds and emotions as they arise.

☥  You are open & flexible to receiving new teachings – this masterclass is not of traditional religious origin, it offers New Age channelled teachings that may break the mould of your religious beliefs. If you are religious and not open to change, this event is not for you.

☥  You understand this is a FEMININE journey, this event does not take you into the mind, it does not teach lots of knowledge or history and it is not based on masculine methods of learning, this is an Energy Transmission journey.

What are the benefits of receiving this Initiation?

⚜ Embody the Original Christ Codes

Receive transmissions from the Tree of Life, Holy Bible & Primordial Creation

⚜ Reclaim your Primordial Innocence and Original Blueprint of Creation

Heal separation wounding, sexual wounding and reclaim your Primordial Feminine power

⚜ Reclaim your power as Lilith – your Sacred Feminine essence

Heal the wounding within your Feminine Consciousness and reclaim the true embodiment of Lilith in her purest power

⚜ Restore Holy Union – heal the masculine & feminine separation wound

Reclaim your path to embodying the Holy Spirit  and your Sacred Union birthright 

Work with me to activate your Highest Potential

Work with me to activate your Highest Potential

I'm Melissa, Soul Healer, Magdalene Priestess & Creator of Magdalene Rose Temple.

I’m here to support you to embody your Magdalene-Isis Priestess Gifts and and manifest your Divine Purpose + Sacred Feminine power into this world.

I have been on the conscious Spiritual & Soul journey for almost 15 years now and I am here to support you to be in COMPLETE alignment to your Priestess power…. 

So that you can break through the fears, blocks and limitations that are holding you back from manifesting your 5D Sacred Feminine Purpose & Destiny as a Lightworker & Priestess. 


Receive the garden of eden transmission…

Everything Included:

⚜ Garden of Eden Transmission Video Masterclass (2 hours)

Included within the Masterclass:

⚜ Garden of Eden Wisdom & Teachings

⚜ Garden of Eden, Tree of Life & Original Holy Bible Transmission

⚜ Garden of Eden Crystal Gridding Activation

⚜ Reclaim the power of Lilith Initiation

⚜ Holy Union Activation – unifying Masculine & Feminine


Join the garden of eden transmission:

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