A 3 day comprehensive training where you will learn how to run a Full 7th Dimensional Lightbody Healing supporting you to rapidly embody your Light and Divinity and activate your Spiritual Gifts, Purpose & Destiny.


▽ Transference Healing® is a 7th dimensional frequency healing and ascension modality thats works with the lightbody and creates alchemy.

▽ It works with the resources of frequency, light, matter and elements to initiate and support ‘transference’ a shift from one state of being into another, and heals deep levels of your etheric patterning.

▽ It supports a rapid clearing and upgrade of the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and electromagnetic dimensions of your body and consciousness.

It enhances Spiritual Awakening and your embodiment of Christ Consciousness. Through it you can return to a state of oneness with the God/Goddess.

▽ It empowers you to develop your Spiritual Gifts and Talents, expand your psyche and awaken your self-healing abilities.


When you step into the Transference Healing® Fundamentals Training you are initiated into the next level of your Spiritual Purpose, Gifts and Destiny.

You will learn powerful 7th Dimensional Healing procedures which you can utilise to regularly clear, balance and upgrade your body, consciousness and entire energetic system These procedures were once utilised by the masters and advanced initiates in Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt.

The entire training and the full healing procedures you will learn, align you to Diamond Consciousness. Everytime you run a Transference Fundamentals Healing for yourself (or someone else) you are creating alchemy in the body which supports rapid change and transformation, aligns you to your Higher Self and Diamond Light and accelerates the embodiment of your 5th Dimensional Crystalline Body and Reality.


△ You are READY for a Frequency Upgrade to positively shift your Life and Reality.

△ You feel you have hit a ceiling with your Spiritual Manifestation journey and looking for the next level of your Mastery, Purpose and Destiny.

△ You want to receive powerful healing tools to support you to balance and stabilise your Energy Field so that you can master your Life Lessons, Initiations and Spiritual Empowerment journey on an accelerated level.

△ You want to upgrade and master your Relationships, Work Environment, Living Environment and Lifestyle to be aligned with the Divine Feminine.

△ You are ready to become initiated onto the High Priestess path, activate your Feminine Gifts and become more aligned to the God/Goddess, your Higher Self and Divine Will.


I'm Melissa Astara Rose, Magdalene Isis Priestess, Channeller & Creatress of Magdalene Rose Temple.

In 2012, I completed my Transference Healing Fundamentals Training and since then my life has rapidly transformed. I finally had the tools to break free from the energetic restrictions, limitations and patternings of the 3D world, so that I could shift my vibration, embody more Light and anchor my 5th Dimensional Reality, Purpose, Gifts and Destiny here on Earth.

It is through the support of this modality and these powerful 7th Dimensional Healing procedures that I have created a life of Spiritual Expansion, Freedom, Manifestation, rapid growth, mastery of my Gifts and anchoring of my Soul Purpose.

It is my intention to share this incredible gift and modality with you, so that you can expand into your fullest and highest potential, gifts, manifestation and more!


Anyone can learn to run Transference Healing®. In this comprehensive 3 Day Fundamental Training you will receive a profound and life-changing initiation into the Transference Healing® Diamond Pyramid of Light™, and will be energetically templated and gridded to begin running a 7th Dimensional Lightbody Healing.

As you learn the Fundamental Procedures, you will also learn how to channel Transference Healing® frequencies to support Divine Alchemical Healing and Ascension. You will learn how to create alchemy in the body, supporting Lightbody integration and the ascension of the physical body into the 5th dimensional body.

The Fundamental Procedures are the structural foundation to master as a healer. Regardless of how many higher levels of Transference Healing training you may attend, you will always run the Fundamental Procedures, for they create alchemy in the physical body.


◊ A 3 Day In Person Comprehensive Training

◊ A 318-page Fundamental Training Manual.

◊ 7 x Procedure Templates and Healing Record Template.

◊ Lightbody Essence Kit containing 77 Mother Tincture Essences in handmade box.

◊ Lightbody Kit book, including colour images of the Lightbody Kit crystals.

◊ Welcome Presentation digital download audio spoken by Alexis (the founder and channeller of Transference Healing).

◊ Fundamental Training certificate of completion.


This is a 3 Day In Person Training which takes place in England, UK (Specific Location TBA).

Upon completion of this training, you will have the knowledge & tools to run the Transference Fundamental Healing on yourself, friends & family.

To become a certified Transference Healing Practitioner (and run this as a paid session on clients), you must complete the Advanced Training with Alexis Cartwright (which you have the option of sitting after receiving the Fundamentals training).

Alexis Cartwright is the Anchor and Founder of Transference Healing® & Channel of the Diamond Pyramid of Light ™

the FUNDAMENTAL procedures you will learn:

◊ Clearing & Protection/White Light Procedure
you will learn how to clear and template your space

◊ Three Polarities of Christ
helps you to break from free from lower self and align to your Higher Self

◊ Centre the Inner Mind
Supports you to stay balanced within the Mind.

◊ Severing Karmic Pain
Disconnects you from Karmic situations and relationships

◊ Clearing Earthbound Spirits
Clears an energy, being or entity from your Field.

◊ Triangular Diamond Doorway
Access the doorway to your Past and Future Self.

◊ Triangular Star Formation
Aligns and balances your electromagnetic body.

◊ Earth and Magnetic Grid Alignment
Creates balance and wellness in the Body.

◊ Chakras and Gland Procedures
Learn how to effectively clear and revitalise your Chakras and activate St Germaines Violet Flame.

◊ Harmony Alignment Points Procedure
Receive sound, colour and planetary frequencies into your body to release energetic imbalances.

◊ Metaphysical Diamond Procedure
Creates emotional growth and strength.

◊ Feeling Vortex Procedure
Release cords, hooks and webs to prevent energetic depletion.

◊ Grief Technique
Release Current or Past Life Grief.

◊ Master Spiritual Plane Diamond
Activate your Gifts and Talents held by your Higher Self and Oversoul.

◊ Mental Pain Release Procedure
Balances the Central Nervous System and Brain.

◊ Etheric Surgery
Learn how to faciliate a Spiritual/Psychic surgery to clear distortion from the etheric patterning of the Body.

◊ Chiron Wounding
Clear your Core Wounding and Genetic Weaknesses

◊ Colour Bath
Create a healing impact on the Vibrational level of the bodies patterning

◊ Alchemy Symbols
Work with the 27 Alchemy symbols to activate your expression of Light.

◊ Animal Magic
Receive an archetypal healing from the Animal Kingdom

◊ Four Planes of Transformation
Balance, heal and activate the creative force of your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Planes

◊ Crystal Cross
Activate the Creative Principle within you and align to your Higher Self

◊ Scales of Redemption
Heals abuse, self-judgement and negative patterning from current and past lives

◊ Dragon Power
Revitalises your Power Centre and strengthens your Lifeforce

◊ Star of David
Filters the technology of Light into your Body to integrate your Lightbody

◊ Holding Power of Light
Supports you to Hold your Light in any given situation

◊ Initiation of Rays & Masters
You will connect with particular Ascended Masters and theit Ray and attributes.

◊ Merkabah
Activates the Merkabah and supports you to master Lightbody travel into other realms.

◊ Lightbody Essence Kit
Supports to clear underlying blocks within the body and integrate the Lightbody.


3 day fundamentals training

Investment: £1750

To hold your place a deposit of £875 is required.
The final payment of £875 is due 1 Week before the training commences.

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