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awaken your ROSE Priestess gifts

Awaken to the path of the Rose

The Rose is a symbol of Divine Feminine Enlightenment and Feminine Christ Embodiment. It is represents the highest frequency Love and Universal Consciousness.

When working with the frequencies of the Rose, you can tap into the Ascended Mastery teachings and receive Higher Knowledge, Wisdom and Activations to activate your Sacred Feminine Power, open up your Spiritual Gifts and embody your Rose Priestess Sovereignty.⁣⁣

In this FREE Masterclass you will learn about the journey of becoming a Rose Priestess and how you can work with the White Rose, Pink Rose and Red Rose Transmissions to:

Included within this Masterclass:

△ Introduction to the White, Pink & Red Rose Transmissions.

△ Learn about the Ascended Masters; Mother Mary, Lady Nada & Mary Magdalene and their associated Rose powers.

△ Learn about the journey of the Rose Priestess, how to embody your Rose Priestess Gifts & awaken to the path of Sacred Feminine Mastery.

△ Receive a Rose Priestess Initiation & Activation from Mother Mary, Lady Nada & Mary Magdalene.

details of the event:

This is a Live Masterclass which will take place on:

Saturday 4th November 2023
10.00am Pacific / 1.00pm Eastern / 5.00pm UK time
Zoom Webinar
Event Length will be around 1 hour

If you cannot join live, you will receive the replay after the event is complete!


Join me for this Free Masterclass!

Join me for this Masterclass!

I'm Melissa, Magdalene Isis Priestess & Creatress of Magdalene Rose Temple.

I’m here to support you to embody your Magdalene-Isis Priestess Gifts and and manifest your Divine Purpose + Sacred Feminine power into this world.

I have been on the conscious Spiritual & Soul journey for almost 15 years now and I am here to support you to be in COMPLETE alignment to your Priestess power….

So that you can break through the fears, blocks and limitations that are holding you back from manifesting your 5D Sacred Feminine Purpose & Destiny as a Lightworker & Priestess.

Receive Rose Mastery Transmissions

to accelerate your Priestess path & awaken your Destiny

Awaken to the White Rose

The White Rose symbolises Divine Purity. She supports you to purify your heart and to purify your mind, body and Soul so that you can awaken your Pure Essence, Innocence and the spark of Divinity within you.

Awaken to the Pink Rose

The Pink Rose takes you deeper into the heart and the realms of Unconditional Love. She takes you deep into the realms of your emotions to heal so that you may access deeper levels of your Soul, Gifts and Purpose in this lifetime.

Awaken to the Red Rose

The Red Rose is the path of true Spiritual mastery. She takes you deep into the darkest aspects of within yourself so that you may heal the deepest wounds within your heart, womb and Soul so that you can bring your Divine Feminine essence into wholeness and restore her back into her original and pure state.

Receive the teachings and wisdom of Mary Magdalene and embody the transmissions of Rose Mastery…

In this Free Masterclass I will be introducing to you the wisdom of the Rose and how to embrace this Sacred Path of Feminine Wisdom in alignment to the teachings of Mary Magdalene….so that you can awaken to your Divine Feminine Wisdom, Sacred Purpose & Rose Priestess Sovereignty…