Awaken your Dragon Codes Workshop

We are entering into a portal of initiation where we are being activated in our Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras to balance and revitalise our Light and Power.

This plays out in how we choose to utilise our energy and consciousness, and how we choose to navigate Energy depletion, Karmic relationships and Power dynamics.

And so, you may at times have been feeling energetically depleted, or feeling like you have no idea how to energetically disconnect from a relationship or resolve relationship issues. This is because of an accumulation of ‘hooks & webbing’ in your Power Centre.

When your Power Centre is clear and revitalised, you are able to feel resourced in your Lifeforce and raise this energy up into your Heart. This supports to bring clarity to situations that once felt depleting, confusing or entangled, and supports you to connect to resolve the issue with ease and grace from your Heart space (rather than your Mind/Ego).

This is where the Dragon energy comes in, and you may have heard the term of ‘Raising the Dragon’ within. You can work with Dragon Power (Transference Healing Lineage) to purify any fears and imbalances, clear projections from others, and awaken the Light and Power of your Dragon Heart to counteract fear, negativity and projection.

As a sensitive Priestess and Lightworker you may feel any kind of projection towards you instantly, which leaves you feeling drained and hooked into other peoples emotions and needs. Through certain initiations, you have to learn to regularly clear, refine and master this centre, so that you can hold your Light, Power and Self-worth in these situations, and choose to not get hooked or webbed into someones elses process.

We are being supported by the realm of the Dragons to activate our Dragon Power, so that we can purify our underlying fears and emotional blocks and raise the Dragon within.

If you have been experiencing energy depletion, feeling impacted by Family/Relationship dynamics, feeling restricted with the circumstances of the world, or feeling powerless to change your situation, all of this is impacting and webbing your Power Centre.

When your Power Centre is impacted in this way, you are not able to resource and revitalise your body to its optimum level and you become stuck in a loop of disempowerment, struggling to breakthrough to create the Positive Change and Transformation you desire.

The Key is to transmute the fear, pain and memory based pain that is coming up in your body. You can do this by purifying your Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakra’s and raise your energy up into your Heart. This transmutes the webbing, and creates an expansive space for your Power Centre to absorb Light. This is also what we call Dragon Power.

Awakening your Dragon Power is also about maintaining a sense of energetic integrity, and becoming aware of your Ego’s needs to stay safe, avoid confrontation and rejection and please others. This can lead you to utilising your energy in ways that actually deep down you really didn’t want to do, but you felt the ‘expectation’, the ‘guilt’ or the fear of letting people down.

When you are in your Dragon Power, you are connected to the truth of your Higher Self, Soul and Divine Will at all times, and so when you this Divine Light and Power activated in your body, then you do not become impacted by your lower self and other peoples emotions.

If you are feeling money blocks, and the ‘powerlessness’ of your relationship to Money, this is related to your Power Centre and your ability to master through your initiations so that you can resource your body with Light.

When you are fully resourced by the Light, you are able to transmute blockages, hold more power within you (and therefore more abundance), and create change and transformation in your reality.

There is so much more I can share with you on this topic, and this is why I have been guided to offer a Dragon Power Workshop.

In this Workshop you will receive:

△ Dragon Power and embodying your Light Teachings and Practices

△ Dragon Power and embodying your Light – Guided Energy Transmission Journey

△ Shamanic Circle of Fire Ceremony

You will receive Teachings, Practices and Transmissions (from Transference Healing Lineage) to support you to clear your Power Centre, resource your Lifeforce, master your Energy, overcome Relationship and Power dynamics and embody and sustain your Light.

This Workshop is available inside Magdalene Ascension Temple, our Monthly Temple Community for Priestesses who are ready to accelerate the embodiment of their Divine Feminine Lineage, Gifts and Purpose and bring in more Flow, Transformation and Manifestation into their reality.

I created Magdalene Ascension Temple as a transformational container to provide Transference Healing (7th Dimensional Lightbody Healing) Energy Transmissions, Lightcode Upgrades, Courses, Embodiment Practices, Live Transmission Events and more so that there is a powerful and consistent flow of energy to support you with your Empowerment and Energy Mastery journey.

Here’s what our Members have to say:

🌹 This really is the most incredible container, I have been blown away every month by the depth of healing and support.

🌹 I immediately feel more at peace and connected and clarified!

🌹 The Temple has helped me elevate, stabilize and ground my energy on a daily basis which is much needed for sensitive souls at this turbulent time on the Earth.

🌹 This membership is priceless! I have changed so much through this work already. I am very very grateful.

Inside the Magdalene Ascension Temple you will be supported to MASTER:

△ Energy Depletion
△ Karmic Relationships
△ Creative and Sexual Blocks
△ Disconnection from Spirit
△ 3D to 5D Transition
△ Money Blocks
△ and more…

You will be supported to rapidly transmute your blocks and restrictions and accelerate the embodiment of the next level of your Divine Light, Gifts & Purpose 🔥

Join us inside Magdalene Ascension Temple!

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Melissa Astara Rose

I'm here to support you to embody your Divine Feminine Lineage and align to your Higher Self, Gifts, Purpose and Destiny as a Lightworker and Priestess.

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