5D Magdalene Portal Activation

The Magdalene frequencies are upgrading on our planet and we now have the opportunity to step through a portal of light to receive our new 5D Magdalene codes.

On the 22nd July Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day, the Sirian Star Gateway will open a portal to filter in the Sirian Royal codes.

The Sirian Royal Codes are upgraded frequencies of light that are filtering onto our planet to support us to receive an upgrade into our New 5D Magdalene templates within.

The New 5D Magdalene templates are the Royal Queen Codes of Majesty & Sovereignty. The next level of embodying your Sacred Feminine Power & Divinity.

Mary Magdalene is the gatekeeper of the Sirian Star Portal, and on 22nd July and she will be guiding all those who are ready to enter through the portal to receive the Sirian Royal codes.

When receiving the Sirian Royal codes, we are decoding old cellular memories, beliefs, ancestral karma, past life karma, collective feminine dismepowerment and we are recoding with Sirian lightcodes of Majesty, Honour, Respect, Courage, Integrity, Honesty & Divine Will.

Now is the time to ask yourself…

☥ What is it that you need to let go of/release/surrender in order to embody & radiate the Royal Codes of Magdalene?

☥ What does it mean for you to hold the Royal Magdalene codes?

☥ What higher aspects of yourself are waiting to come in to embody your Multidimensional Royal Self & divinity?

We are now in a great time of Sacred Feminine Empowerment, now is the time to re-unite the Holy Grail Lineage with the Egyptian Royal Lines and to bring the return of the Royal Magdalene codes ⚜🌹☥

In this video I share more about the New 5D Magdalene frequencies and we will prepare for the opening of the New 5D Magdalene Portal with an Activation ☥

Watch now:

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Melissa Habibi

Melissa Habibi

Soul Healer, Divine Feminine Priestess & Spiritual Purpose Coach
I support Spiritual Souls, Healers & Lightworkers to awaken their Soul's Purpose, accelerate their Spiritual Destiny and manifest their Spiritual Gifts & unique Soul Essence into the world.

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