Mystery School of Isis – Crystalline Healing Activation

Did you know that our entire planet and human race is evolving into a Crystalline body?

This is what the process of Ascension is, to become an embodiment of LIGHT, which is also CRYSTALLINE LIGHT.

Crystals play a HUGE role in your Spiritual Mastery journey because they hold the Elemental, Crystalline & Cosmic Power of our Earth’s Grid, our planet and our bodies and Lifeforce.

In the Mystery School’s of Isis, the Lightbody Chambers & Initiation Temples were made using Crystals & Crystalline Light, this is what created the ‘Power’ within the Temples.

This is because they would utilise the Crystals power to enhance their connection to the Star Systems, Universe, Cosmos, Interdimensional Realms and Earth Kingdoms to create a powerful healing impact within the body and consciousness….

And therefore raise their vibration and accelerate their Divine Feminine embodiment and Spiritual mastery journey.

The Isis Temples were imprinted with Geometric formations such as the Flower of Life, Merkabah, Pentagram & Venusian Star to amplify the energy and activate the multi-dimensional body.

This is why creating Crystal Grids or utilising Crystals for healing is such a POWERFUL force of healing…

Because it energetically templates your body, space and home into higher frequencies of light, which then creates more Harmony, Manifestation, Healing, Divine Love, Creativity & Divine Flow in your life.

Watch now to receive a Crystalline Healing Activation:

I was guided to create 3 x Crystal Grid Templates which represent the new Divine Feminine & Isis Keycodes fitlering onto our planet. 

? Crystal Grid Template 1 – Rose Alchemy Crystal Grid

? Crystal Grid Template 2 – Venusian Rose Star Crystal Grid

? Crystal Grid Template 3 – Star of Inanna Crystal Grid  

These templates support you to EMBODY these Isis Keycodes so that you can embody and activate your High Priestess power in alignment to Isis, Inanna & Holy Sophia Christ.

When creating these templates within your home and space, this will awaken your gifts and talents as a Priestess and activate your Sacred Feminine power. As you continue to work with them, it will support to continually bring high frequencies of Cosmic Light within your body, home and space.

Everything Included:

?1. How to create a Rose Alchemy Altar Video

?2. How to create and activate your Rose Alchemy Crystal Grid Video

?3. Rose Alchemy Grid Printable PDF Template

? 4. How to create a Venusian Rose Star Altar Video

? 5. How to create and activate your Venusian Rose Star Crystal Grid Video

? 6. Venusian Star & Pink Rose Grid Printable PDF Template

? 7. How to create a Star of Inanna Altar Video

? 8. How to create and activate your Star of Inanna Crystal Grid Vide

?9. Star of Inanna Grid Printable High Quality Template

Everytime you create these Crystal Grid Templates you receive a influx of high frequency light and HEALING within your body!

You can work with these templates throughout your journey to embody the Pink Rose Heart & Isis Keycodes within your being!

Find out more about the Mystery School of Isis Crystal Grid Package

Enjoy beautiful! ???


Melissa Habibi

Melissa Habibi

Soul Healer, Divine Feminine Priestess & Spiritual Purpose Coach
I support Spiritual Souls, Healers & Lightworkers to awaken their Soul's Purpose, accelerate their Spiritual Destiny and manifest their Spiritual Gifts & unique Soul Essence into the world.

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