Crystal Grids & Energy Healing

Everytime you create a Crystal Grid, you are creating a GATEWAY between you and the Universe.

This Gateway or Access Point is how you can receive and absorb high frequency light into your body, very much like receiving an Energy Healing.

What is wonderful about creating Crystal Grids is not only for their energy healing benefits, but also they support you to EMBODY & ANCHOR energies into your body.

This means it PULLS energy into your body and helps it to ground into your physical reality (and not get stuck in the ethers) which is why Crystal Grids are also so supportive for manifestation.

Crystal Grids create a STILL POINT within your heart, and supports the opening of your Heart Gateway to connect with the Cosmic Gateway and therefore be able to absorb Universal Wisdom, New Lightcodes, Crystalline Healing Light & more which then supports the acceleration of your Soul/Spiritual path.

The more HIGH FREQUENCY LIGHT you can receive into your body, the quicker you can shift into higher states of consciousness, the more you can clear and the more rapidly you can manifest your 5th Dimensional (Heaven on Earth) reality.

Therefore Crystal Grids are VITAL for our Spiritual Path and Ascension process as they hold the power and energy to pull in the Cosmic/Crystalline Light that we need to in order heal, evolve and master our Destiny.✨

Ready to learn how to create and activate powerful Crystal Grids within your home and space?


Melissa Habibi

Melissa Habibi

Soul Healer, Divine Feminine Priestess & Spiritual Purpose Coach
I support Spiritual Souls, Healers & Lightworkers to awaken their Soul's Purpose, accelerate their Spiritual Destiny and manifest their Spiritual Gifts & unique Soul Essence into the world.

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