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Crystal Grids: Become a High Priestess of Crystalline Light

The key to becoming a High Priestess and accelerating the awakening of your High Priestess Power & Sovereignty is….CRYSTALLINE LIGHT.

In order to become masterful in our connection to the Stars, Universe, Interdimensional Realms and Earth’s Grid, we need to learn how to weave Crystalline Light into our Hearts.

The more Crystalline Light we can weave into our Hearts (and our Wombs, Chakra’s & Energy Field) the more we can accelerate our Soul Purpose & Manifestation journey.

Crystalline Light is pure Divine Light and resonates high frequencies of Holy Sophia Christ Light.

When you actively work with high frequencies of Crystalline Light, you are tapping into your Higher Self, your Starseed Lineage, the Higher Realms and Ascended Masters.

As you call this light into your space, it begins to INSTANTLY raise your vibration and purify your Soul, Aura & Energy Field, transmutes heaviness and density from your body and shifts you into higher consciousness.

When you are more connected to your Higher Consciousness, you are in aligment to your Higher Self, the Universe and Divine Will which then aligns you to your Highest Path and Purpose and supports you to manifest your Destiny.

Crystal Grids connect you to SOURCE LIGHT.

They open powerful Gateways and Portals to higher interdimensional realms. And so when you create and activate a Crystal Grid, you are creating a GATEWAY for these high frequencies of Cosmic light to filter through into your body, consciousness and space.

Therefore Crystal Grids are an advanced way to receive light and work with the Interdimensional Grids and Higher Realms of our Universe. They work with Crystal Technology, Lightbody Technology, Sacred Geometry & Sacred Sound.

At some point on our journey to High Priestess Mastery, we will need to learn about how to create and activate Crystal Grids and learn about the Crystalline Grids of your Universe and Existence, so that we can tap into the Higher Powers of Creation.

And so when activating the immense power of a Crystal Grid, you are also activating your OWN POWER, which accelerates your Ascension and manifestation of your Spiritual Gifts.

And so I have been guided to create a set of 3 x Rose Priestess Crystal Grids to support you with your High Priestess and Crystalline Grid Mastery Journey.

You will receive an online course, with printable templates and step by step videos and instructions to create and activate these power grids. And when you create them, you go on a journey to powerfully connect with each Rose; White, Pink & Red.

You will learn how activate each Rose Grid, which then opens the Rose Portal / Rose Gateway, supporting high frequency light to filter through into your home/space and also to be received as a Rose Energy Healing into your body and consciousness.

You can create these Grids ANYTIME you are in need of a Rose Healing and the Crystal Grid will support the energy to filter through. You can meditate with these Grids to recieve the energy healing, which is also included in your step by step instructions.

I am honoured to be sharing these Grids with you all!

In this Video you can learn about the benefits of creating Crystal Grids & see a preview of the White, Pink & Red Rose Priestess Crystal Grids:

The Rose Priestess Crystal Grid Package includes Online Course and 3 x Rose Grid Templates so you can get started straight away!

Ready to become a High Priestess of Crystalline Light?

Get started with learning how to create and activate powerful Crystal Grids in your home & space!

About the Author
Melissa Habibi

Melissa Habibi

Soul Healer, Magdalene Isis Priestess & Creator of Magdalene Rose Temple
I’m here to support you to embody your Magdalene-Isis Priestess Gifts and and manifest your Divine Purpose + Sacred Feminine power into this world.

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Melissa Habibi

Melissa Habibi

Magdalene Isis Priestess & Creator of Magdalene Rose Temple
I’m here to support you to embody your Magdalene-Isis Priestess Gifts and and manifest your Divine Purpose + Sacred Feminine power into this world.

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