Create powerful crystal grids for high vibrations - crystal gridding course

Learn how to create simple and powerful Crystal Grids to raise the vibration of your life, home & space

In this course you will learn how to create simple and powerful crystal grids to raise your vibration, create Divine healing in your life and support the aligning and manifestation of your Soul’s path!

Crystals are LIFE FORCE!

When working with Crystals, they radiate HUGE bursts Divine Light, Healing Vibrations, Earth Elements and Cosmic Frequencies in support of your Divine Healing, Awakening and Manifestation journey.


And when they are used in a POWERFUL WAY (such as in a Crystal Grid), their energies can be enhanced and can create RAPID vibrational shifts within your body and consciousness,

When you create a Crystal Grid – Magic happens!

When you create a Crystal Grid – Magic happens!

Crystal Grids are powerful formations of Crystals.

To create a grid, you need to place the crystals in the formation of Ancient Universal Symbols to create a powerful GRID of light and energy which will be radiated and can be absorbed by your body, consciousness, room and household!

Crystal Grids support you to:

✓ Powerfully raise the Vibration of your Body, Home and Space

✓ Awaken your Spiritual Gifts, Inner Goddess and Crystal powers!

✓ Balance, heal and cleanse your Chakra’s to optimum frequency

✓ Clear energetic blockages such as Money, Manifestation, Love, Emotions, Life, Healing and more.

In this Course I will teach you step by step, powerful Crystal Grid formation that you can create right away!

Hi! I’m Melissa, Soul Healer & Spiritual Purpose Coach and it is my MISSION to create more empowered Spiritual Souls, Healers and Lightworkers in this world!

In this course I teach you VITAL skills you need to energetically support yourself by creating powerful Crystal grids!

Crystal grids support you to embody and anchor POWER and LIGHT and therefore support you to accelerate your manifestation of your Spiritual Gifts and awakening of your Spiritual Destiny!

This course is for anyone who has a basic knowledge of Crystals and is ready to get started creating powerful and simple Crystal Grids to raise the vibration of your life, home & space!

1. The course starts with the basic practices of how to create a Crystal grid
If you only have a small crystal collection, you can still do this course. You will learn many variations of grids starting from only needing 1 crystal and developing up to 15 crystals in a grid.

2. You will be shown how to create Crystal grids for love, abundance, healing, revitalisation, 
how to powerfully set your intentions to manifest your desires and also how to amplify your grids for a higher vibrational impact.

3. You will also learn how to create Advanced Crystal grids 
using powerful geometric templates and symbols. You will receive a printable PDF for all these templates. The minimum of what you need to get started for the advanced grids is 7 x chakra crystals and 5 additional tumblestones (of any kind).

4. You will learn the meanings and benefits for the different symbols 
and how to work with them. You will learn how to create grids for the Seed of Life, Flower of Life, Metatron’s Cube, Pentagram and Star of David, each creating their own energetic impact such as balancing the chakra’s, harmonising the body and consciousness, weaving more light into your life and working the balancing the 5 elements in your home and space.

Work with powerful Crystal Grid Templates!

(5 x printable templates provided within the course!)

Everything you will learn:

The Basics of creating Crystal Grids
and everything you need to get started!

 How to create Simple Crystal Grids + Different Variations
starting with just 1 crystal and developing to 5 crystals and more!

How to create Advanced Crystal Grids
and everything you need to create powerful activations!

✓ The different Geometric Symbols & Templates you can use to enhance your Crystal Grids
what they mean and how you can use them

✓ How to create a Crystal Grid using the Seed of Life
and connect with the Source of all creation and balance vital elements within your body

✓ How to create a Crystal Grid using the Flower of Life
connect with the 7 rays of creation, revitalise your energetic system and heal and cleanse your chakras

✓ How to heal your Chakras using Crystals + Mini Grid Templates
Use these templates to create a powerful chakra healing for yourself whenever you need!

How to create a Crystal Grid using Metatron’s Cube
activate your Merkabah, work with Universal Light and channel Cosmic vibrations

✓ How to create a Crystal Grid using the Pentagram
create a powerful healing impact and balance the 5 elements within your body, home and space

✓ How to create a Crystal Grid using the Star of David
supporting you to activate your Higher Chakras and anchor your Higher Self

✓ How to Raise the Vibration of your Home and Space with Crystal Grids
Techniques to crystal grid your room and your entire house!

What you will need for this Course:

△ 7 Chakra Crystals (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green/Pink, Blue, Purple, Clear/White)

△ A Selection of at least 5 Tumblestones

△ Clear Quartz Point (optional if you have)

△ Crystal Wand (optional if you have)

△ Printable Grid Templates are provided

Course Curriculum:


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Powerfully raise your vibration, heal your Soul and awaken your Crystal Healing Powers!

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Course FAQ’s

When does the course start and finish?
This a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the course?
You will have lifetime access to this programme – across any and all devices you own.
What is the refund policy?
Once you have made your purchase the course will be non-refundable. However if you do have any issues or queries after purchase please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist.