Womb Awakening

Magdalene Yoni & Womb – Sirian Portal Alignment

During this time in the Sirian Portal we are receiving new Lightcodes and upgrades in support of embodying our Highest Divine Light! Mary Magdalene comes through at this time, during this Portal and also her celebration day on 22nd July to activate the Earth’s Grid with new Red Rose Diamond Light codes. In preparation for

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Womb Healing Q&A

Get ALL your Womb Healing questions answered! In this video I answer ALL the common questions about Womb Healing and your Sacred Feminine Journey. We will come on live as a global collective of Women to discuss everything Womb, Yoni, Sacred Feminine, Energy & Magdalene. Watch now: Find out more about the Holy Womb Grail

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How to Cleanse your Womb

Cleansing and taking care of your Womb is an important Self-care ritual for the Priestess Path. Your Womb holds the power of all creation and it also regulates your health, vitality and lifeforce. When going deeper on your Divine Feminine Mastery journey it becomes a REQUIREMENT to start going deeper into healing and balancing your

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Awaken to the Temple of the Holy Womb

The Temple of the Holy Womb is an Ancient Priestess Temple where you begin your journey of initiations to awaken and activate your Holy Womb Grail. The Temple holds the keys to the 7 Gateways of the Holy Womb Grail, once these 7 Gateways are activated, it leads you to final 8th Portal, the Cosmic

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