Temples of Isis

Rose Flame Channelling & Activation

The Rose Flame is an alchemical surge of pure Divine Feminine energy with the power to clear, purify and transmute dense energies within our body, aura and energy field. The Rose Flame is a tool of Divine Purification, and when activated it supports to rapidly clear old genetic patterns, distortions and stagnant energies & unresolved

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12.12 Portal & Priestesses of Isis

The 12.12 Portal is the gateway to the 21.12 Portal and the Temples of Isis initiation that is being activated in our Earth Grid! Find out more about in the video about how you can become a Priestess Gatekeeper of Isis for the new 5D Temples of Isis for 2021 and beyond! Watch now: Join

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Awaken to Goddess Inanna & the Venusian Rose Star

As you know we are going through a profound change on Earth right now and the the Interdimensional Realms/Universe are in the midst of supporting humanity to go through a great transition of rebirthing the Divine Feminine on our planet. A part of this process is what I call ‘templating’. New Rose codes, frequencies and templates

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Venusian Rose Star Priestess Templates & Codes of Light

Today Venus has entered into the 7th Gate/Crown Chakra, the gateway of Divine Sovereignty and Higher Feminine Consciousness. She is also coming into her BRIGHTEST radiance on Earth ? Over Mon 27th April / Tues 28th April 2020 (depending on your timezone) the Venus Evening Star will be shining at her brightest! Be sure to find

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Mystery School of Isis Channelling & New Temples of Light

The Higher Mystery School Temples of Isis are now being energetically rebuilt on our planet ☥ Now is the time you can access the Isis Keycodes and Initiations to embody your Sovereign Divinity. Now is the time you can master and embody your High Priestess of Isis codes of Light… So that you can raise your

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