Spiritual Mastery Series

How to Awaken your Sacred Magdalene codes within

Mary Magdalene’s legacy is awakening and rising through the hearts of humanity! She is activating our remembrance of our Sacred Feminine path and wisdom! Our Hearts, Wombs & Yoni’s are blossoming open for us to deeply heal and reconnect to the truth of your Divinity. At this new time on Earth, we are finally breaking

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How to Activate your Hathor Lineage

Throughout our lifetime as Priestesses, we are on the journey to awakening and activating the Hathor Lineage & Stargate codes within us. Hathor was the mentor to many Ascended Masters such as Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene & Quan Yin, and through Hathor’s mentorship they learned advanced knowledge and wisdom on Divine Feminine Rituals, Light Technology,

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How to Activate the Galactic Priestess within

Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, White Buffalo Woman and many other amazing Ascended Masters who lived on Earth were Galactic Priestesses. They were deeply rooted into the Earth and deeply aligned to the Stars and Interdimensional planes. They held the keys to many Stargate Portals to which they regularly travelled for Spiritual Mastery training

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How to Stabilise in the 5th Dimension

The Spiritual Mastery Series has been created as a mission to bring Lightworkers together to discuss important Higher Consciousness topics on how to master our Journey, Growth, Purpose and Destiny on Earth. Join me and my first guest Steve Nobel where we will talk about how to stabilise in the 5th Dimension, the energies that we

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