Soul Healing

Pleiadian Chakra DNA Gateway Activation

The Pleiadians are supporting our evolution so that we can embody more Light. They are the keepers of the Christ Heart & the Christ Codes for our planet. Recently their presence and involvement with our planet has become stronger. They are supporting us to evolve into our Christ Bodies and anchor Christ Consciousness. They want

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Transmute with Love, not Fear

In times of purification, fear or uncertainty, it can sometimes be easy to default into feelings of anxiety and worry. When you feel anxious or worried, you are attempting to process the deep emotional purification or trigger that is coming up for you on a cellular level. However when in this process, what you are

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The Flame of Magdalene & Our Path for 2022

In this video, I talk about The Flame of Magdalene and our path as Priestesses & Lightworkers for 2022. You will find out about how to prepare for 2022 and you will also receive a Fires of the Heart – Magdalene Flame Activation! Watch now: Find out more about the Magdalene Rose Flame & Circle

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Rose Priestess Ceremony

As you may be seeing/sensing or feeling, we are now at a time of great change. During this time as Lightworkers & Priestesses, it is important that we hold our light, keep vibrating HIGH and stay connected to our Higher Selves and Divine Feminine frequencies during this time. The more LIGHT we can hold for

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Powerful Energy Procedures to keep your vibrating HIGH

Wow what a huge shift we are going through on a planetary scale! I want you to know right now YOU ARE SAFE, keep your vibration high and stay in the LIGHT, do not get energetically caught up with what’s going on around you. Watch my Free Video training below where I share with you

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GLOBAL HEALING & PRAYER – Dolphin Light & 5D Heart Awakening

Right now we are in a huge process of awakening and anchoring the 5th Dimensional Crystalline Dolphin consciousness within our hearts. ? This is why our planet is going through such a HUGE purification…is so that we can awaken our Hearts, Throats and Higher Chakras to Higher frequencies of Light and align our hearts to our

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5 Simple Steps to Heal Anxiety and Overcome Fear

The first step to knowing that your dealing with fear is if you experience moments of anxiety. Anxiety is a symptom of fear. So when your feeling anxious, that means your subconscious fear has been activated and your are feeling your fear on a cellular level. When you feel anxious, you may feel panicked or

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3 Steps to Creating a Soul-Fulfilled Life

To create a Soul-fulfilled life means to live a life of passion, harmony, creativity and Divine Purpose. However this kind of life doesn’t just fall into our laps, we have to consciously choose to create and manifest this life through our thoughts, decisions and actions. Here are 3 fundamental steps you can to take to

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