Sacred Union

Holy Union Activation: Pleiadian 12 Strand DNA Rainbow codes

In this video you will learn about the new Holy Union templates activating the Earth Grid this year and you will receive a Pleiadian 12 Strand DNA activation so that you can restore the Rainbow Light Technology within your heart and embody your Holy Union codes 🌹🌈 Watch now: There is so much more to

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How to Re-template into 5D Sacred Union

Now is the time for us to anchor the 5D Sacred Union template within our bodies and within the earth! ? Now is the time to upgrade our templates and frequencies to 5D Sacred Union, aligning with the Holy Grail Lineage. How can you awaken and activate Holy Grail within you? Watch below to find

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How to Awaken your Path to Sacred Union

Now is the time for us to open our hearts, heal our separation wounds and merge our Divine Feminine and Masculine within. We are at time of great UNION on our planet, do not get caught up in the drama’s and stories…your path to UNION is here now! ? How can you awaken and activate

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