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12.12 Portal & Priestesses of Isis

The 12.12 Portal is the gateway to the 21.12 Portal and the Temples of Isis initiation that is being activated in our Earth Grid! Find out more about in the video about how you can become a Priestess Gatekeeper of Isis for the new 5D Temples of Isis for 2021 and beyond! Watch now: Join

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How to Re-template into 5D Sacred Union

Now is the time for us to anchor the 5D Sacred Union template within our bodies and within the earth! ? Now is the time to upgrade our templates and frequencies to 5D Sacred Union, aligning with the Holy Grail Lineage. How can you awaken and activate Holy Grail within you? Watch below to find

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How to Awaken your Path to Sacred Union

Now is the time for us to open our hearts, heal our separation wounds and merge our Divine Feminine and Masculine within. We are at time of great UNION on our planet, do not get caught up in the drama’s and stories…your path to UNION is here now! ? How can you awaken and activate

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Rose Healing Activation

Now is the time for us to open our hearts and receive high frequencies of Rose Light into our beings! In this video I will sharing with you a Rose Healing Activation. I will be creating & activating a Rose Priestess Crystal Grid and we will go on a journey together to receive a White

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Crystal Grids: Become a High Priestess of Crystalline Light

The key to becoming a High Priestess and accelerating the awakening of your High Priestess Power & Sovereignty is….CRYSTALLINE LIGHT. In order to become masterful in our connection to the Stars, Universe, Interdimensional Realms and Earth’s Grid, we need to learn how to weave Crystalline Light into our Hearts. The more Crystalline Light we can

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How to Cleanse your Womb

Cleansing and taking care of your Womb is an important Self-care ritual for the Priestess Path. Your Womb holds the power of all creation and it also regulates your health, vitality and lifeforce. When going deeper on your Divine Feminine Mastery journey it becomes a REQUIREMENT to start going deeper into healing and balancing your

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Awaken to the Temple of the Holy Womb

The Temple of the Holy Womb is an Ancient Priestess Temple where you begin your journey of initiations to awaken and activate your Holy Womb Grail. The Temple holds the keys to the 7 Gateways of the Holy Womb Grail, once these 7 Gateways are activated, it leads you to final 8th Portal, the Cosmic

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How to Embody your Magdalene Priestess Lineage

The journey of the Rose, is the journey of embodying your Magdalene Priestess Lineage and restoring your Sacred Feminine power. The Magdalene Priestess path is the journey of Divine Feminine Mastery and deep embodiment and healing of the Red Rose. In this video I talk to you about… △ How you can embody your Magdalene Priestess Lineage △

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Rose Priestess Ceremony

As you may be seeing/sensing or feeling, we are now at a time of great change. During this time as Lightworkers & Priestesses, it is important that we hold our light, keep vibrating HIGH and stay connected to our Higher Selves and Divine Feminine frequencies during this time. The more LIGHT we can hold for

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