Magdalene Flame Collective Activation

You may be feeling the intense purification and density our planet is clearing right now…. A large Feminine movement is rising, the Magdalene’s are awakening all over the world! This is why we must come together to activate the Flame of Magdalene within our Hearts to transmute all obstacles from our path and align to

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Magdalene Yoni & Womb – Sirian Portal Alignment

During this time in the Sirian Portal we are receiving new Lightcodes and upgrades in support of embodying our Highest Divine Light! Mary Magdalene comes through at this time, during this Portal and also her celebration day on 22nd July to activate the Earth’s Grid with new Red Rose Diamond Light codes. In preparation for

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The Flame of Magdalene & Our Path for 2022

In this video, I talk about The Flame of Magdalene and our path as Priestesses & Lightworkers for 2022. You will find out about how to prepare for 2022 and you will also receive a Fires of the Heart – Magdalene Flame Activation! Watch now: Find out more about the Magdalene Rose Flame & Circle

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The Alchemy of the Rose – Rose Portal Activation

The Rose is multidimensional and can be worked with in many different ways and in many different vibrations. We can work with the Rose to activate our Priestess Gifts, embody our Feminine Truth and come into alignment with your Highest Path, Purpose & Destiny. The Rose journey holds a series of initiations, and as we

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The Queen of Magdalene Journey

The journey of becoming a Queen of Magdalene is about receiving the Royal keys and codes to embodying our Highest Light & Divinity here on Earth. We now have the opportunity to decode & release Karma from all lifetimes and civilisations on Earth, and recode the higher lightcodes, Sovereign Queen codes & Royal codes which

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5D Magdalene Portal Activation

The Magdalene frequencies are upgrading on our planet and we now have the opportunity to step through a portal of light to receive our new 5D Magdalene codes. On the 22nd July Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day, the Sirian Star Gateway will open a portal to filter in the Sirian Royal codes. The Sirian Royal Codes

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High Priestess of the Rose Introduction & Initiation

In 2021 the frequency of the Rose has upgraded, as she now embodies and anchors the Christ Codes.In her new vibration, she radiates the Rose Christ Light and she shares her wisdom for all who are ready to embody her light & frequency. What is Rose Christ Light? The Rose holds the Sacred Feminine codes

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How to Embody your Magdalene Priestess Lineage

The journey of the Rose, is the journey of embodying your Magdalene Priestess Lineage and restoring your Sacred Feminine power. The Magdalene Priestess path is the journey of Divine Feminine Mastery and deep embodiment and healing of the Red Rose. In this video I talk to you about… △ How you can embody your Magdalene Priestess Lineage △

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Rose Priestess Ceremony

As you may be seeing/sensing or feeling, we are now at a time of great change. During this time as Lightworkers & Priestesses, it is important that we hold our light, keep vibrating HIGH and stay connected to our Higher Selves and Divine Feminine frequencies during this time. The more LIGHT we can hold for

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How to become a Rose Priestess

To become a Rose Priestess is a journey of INITIATION & EMPOWERMENT. Each Rose holds it own vibrations, teachings and attributes in support of restoring your Sacred Feminine Power and reclaiming your Divinity. Each Rose has an associated Goddess Ascended Master that supports the embodiment of the Rose. △ White Rose – Quan Yin /

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