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Divine Feminine

12.12 Portal & Priestesses of Isis

The 12.12 Portal is the gateway to the 21.12 Portal and the Temples of Isis initiation that is being activated in our Earth Grid! Find out more about in the video about how you can become a Priestess Gatekeeper of Isis for the new 5D Temples of Isis for 2021 and beyond! Watch now: Join

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How to Re-template into 5D Sacred Union

Now is the time for us to anchor the 5D Sacred Union template within our bodies and within the earth! ? Now is the time to upgrade our templates and frequencies to 5D Sacred Union, aligning with the Holy Grail Lineage. How can you awaken and activate Holy Grail within you? Watch below to find

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How to Awaken your Path to Sacred Union

Now is the time for us to open our hearts, heal our separation wounds and merge our Divine Feminine and Masculine within. We are at time of great UNION on our planet, do not get caught up in the drama’s and stories…your path to UNION is here now! ? How can you awaken and activate

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Become a 5D Manifestor & Sacred Feminine Co-Creatrix

In this video I share with you about How to Upgrade your Abundance Templates to become a 5D Manifestor! Our Earth is shifting and upgrading, and we now have this window of opportunity to upgrade our Sacred Feminine Abundance Templates and become powerfully 5D Co-creators of our Purpose & Destiny. Watch the replay now to

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How to Awaken your Magdalene Priestess Journey

In this video I share with you ALL there is to know about becoming a Magdalene Priestess and embracing the journey of Divine Feminine Mastery! You will learn: △ What it means to be on the Magdalene Priestess journey and how you can align with Mary Magdalene’s Guidance & Energy △ How to become an empowered Priestess

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New Moon Letting Go & Manifestation Ritual

This is a New Moon ritual you can use to let go of the past such as old patterns, relationships and experiences so that you can embrace new beginnings and manifestations in your life. If you use this ritual on or around a New Moon it will be the most powerful and effective. There are

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How to Create a Sacred Altar

Learn how to create a Sacred Altar in simple steps. Creating an altar in your space supports you energetically to raise your vibration and divinely radiates light, elements, frequencies and spiritual energies into your home.  Working with an altar in this way supports your Spiritual growth and enlightenment journey and clear and releases negative energy.

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Goddess Ritual to Align your Energy with the Universe

This is a ritual you can use to expand your energy and align with the Universe. It supports to bring your energy into oneness, higher consciousness and cosmic unity. If you use this ritual on a New Moon, Full Moon or Eclipse it will be the most powerful and effective. The Black candle supports you to

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