Crystal Healing

How to Activate your Crystalline Lightbody

We are evolving and becoming more open and receptive to the Wisdom of Crystals. There was once a time where we lived in harmony with Crystals, we would listen to their songs and they would guide us to live in alignment with their pure light and wisdom.  The way we lived on the Earth, interacted

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Rose Healing Activation

Now is the time for us to open our hearts and receive high frequencies of Rose Light into our beings! In this video I will sharing with you a Rose Healing Activation. I will be creating & activating a Rose Priestess Crystal Grid and we will go on a journey together to receive a White

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Crystal Grids: Become a High Priestess of Crystalline Light

The key to becoming a High Priestess and accelerating the awakening of your High Priestess Power & Sovereignty is….CRYSTALLINE LIGHT. In order to become masterful in our connection to the Stars, Universe, Interdimensional Realms and Earth’s Grid, we need to learn how to weave Crystalline Light into our Hearts. The more Crystalline Light we can

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Crystal Grids & Portals of Light

When creating and activating a Crystal Grid, you are opening an energetic portal for high frequency light to filter through from the Cosmos and into your space. Creating Crystal Grids is a process of mastery and many High Priestesses would create Crystal Grids and sit within them to rapidly raise their consciousness and accelerate their

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Crystal Grids & Energy Healing

Everytime you create a Crystal Grid, you are creating a GATEWAY between you and the Universe. This Gateway or Access Point is how you can receive and absorb high frequency light into your body, very much like receiving an Energy Healing. What is wonderful about creating Crystal Grids is not only for their energy healing

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Mystery School of Isis – Crystalline Healing Activation

Did you know that our entire planet and human race is evolving into a Crystalline body? This is what the process of Ascension is, to become an embodiment of LIGHT, which is also CRYSTALLINE LIGHT. Crystals play a HUGE role in your Spiritual Mastery journey because they hold the Elemental, Crystalline & Cosmic Power of

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