Become a 5D Divine Feminine Manifestor & Co-Creator

Now is the time to step into your Divine Feminine Creatix Power and Manifest your Highest Purpose with ABUNDANCE.

Hey Beautiful! Welcome to our new Golden Age on Earth! In the year 2020, our Earth fully anchored into the 5th Dimension. Our Earth’s 5D Crystalline Grid is fully active and the rebirth of the Divine Feminine Golden Age has begun more powerfully than ever before.

As Lightworkers & Priestesses we are now fully supported in embracing our Highest Path and Purpose. And now is the time to Master our POWER, ABUNDANCE and relationship to MONEY so we can accelerate the rebirth of the Divine Feminine frequencies on our planet.

Now is the time to Master your Divine Feminine Power…

Now that we have shifted into the 5th Dimension, you must LEARN and MASTER how to work with Money & Manifest Abundance the FEMININE WAY….
The OLD WAY of manifestation has come to an END. Now we must all align to the Divine Feminine, to manifest from our Hearts, Wombs and in alignment to the Universe.

In the Sacred Feminine Abundance Workshop…

You will receive an INTENSIVE activation to embody your 5d Divine Feminine Manifestation Power….
In this online workshop we will be working on ALL levels of Money, Abundance & Divine Feminine Manifestation. 
You will receive Knowledge, Wisdom and Tools in support of shifting your relationship to Money and increasing your vibration to manifest Abundance.
We will start with the BASICS of Money & Abundance, then work our way through ADVANCED principles of Manifestation and then you will learn how to apply these practices to your Spiritual Gifts, Spiritual Business and manifestation of your HIGH VIBE 5D Life (the Sacred Feminine way).

Become a Divine Feminine Co-Creatrix and live your 5D Highest Purpose & Reality

Included within this Workshop:

☥ Video Workshop (3 hours):

In this video workshop you will go on a journey of money, abundance and rebirthing your Divine Feminine Co-creator gifts to support your Sacred Purpose and the rebirth of the Divine Feminine Golden Age on our planet.

Also Included within the Workshop:

△ Heal your Relationship to Money & Abundance – Wisdom & Teachings

You will receive Powerful Knowledge & Sacred Teachings to shift your vibration and empower your relationship with Money. You will learn the 5D Divine Feminine perspective of what Money is all about and how you can MASTER your relationship to Money to rapidly increase Abundance into your reality and MANIFEST your Divine Purpose. 

You will learn ALL the TOOLS and Knowledge I have ever learnt about Money & Abundance and 5D Manifestation!

△ How to MANIFEST Abundance in alignment to the 5D Feminine way for your Soul Purpose & Spiritual Business 

You will learn the NEW WAY of Manifestation, How to create a successful 5D Spiritual Business, How to boost your abundance utilising your Spiritual Gifts and the most important MASTERY principles for manifesting money and abundance for your Soul Purpose / Highest Purpose and Destiny.

△ 5D Sacred Feminine Abundance Activation 

You will receive a 5D Sacred Feminine Abundance Activation to align you with the New Earth Creatrix Grid of Light so that you can embody your Sacred Feminine Power and boost the manifestation of your Highest Purpose, Abundance & your blissful Heaven on Earth Reality.

△ 5D Manifestation, Money & Abundance Q&A 

Lots of juicy questions are answered around Manifestation, Money & Abundance! This supports a deeper embodiment of everything you have learnt and absorbed.


This Workshop is for you if….

△ You are feeling stuck around your relationship to Money & Abundance
You may be feeling a sense of lack, ‘I can’t afford’, feeling like a victim and in need of breaking old patterns & cycles to boost your Self-worth, Empowerment and Confidence with Money.

△ You are ready to manifest the next level of your Purpose & Destiny
Your Purpose & Destiny are LINKED to your relationship to Money, If you want to make a big difference in the world, you need to SHIFT your relationship to Money and heal wounding around your POWER so that you can powerfully manifest your Purpose & Destiny and make an impact in the world.

△ You want to boost your income and attract more Abundance
Wherever you are at in your journey,  in this workshop you will receive the tools, empowerment and energy transmissions to CLEAR your wounding and stuck patterning and BOOST your money & manifestation power.

△ You want to manifest a successful 5D Spiritual Business
Learn how to manifest and co-create the 5D Feminine way in support of expressing your Feminine Creative Gifts & creating a powerful Spiritual Business that makes an IMPACT in this world.

Work with me to embody your Sacred Feminine Abundance

Work with me to embody your Sacred Feminine Abundance

I’m Melissa, Soul Healer, Magdalene Priestess & Creator of Magdalene Rose Temple.

I’m here to support you to embody your Magdalene-Isis Priestess Gifts and and manifest your Divine Purpose + Sacred Feminine power into this world.

I have been on the conscious Spiritual & Soul journey for almost 15 years now and I am here to support you to be in COMPLETE alignment to your Priestess power…. 

So that you can break through the fears, blocks and limitations that are holding you back from manifesting your 5D Sacred Feminine Purpose & Destiny as a Lightworker & Priestess.

Everything we will cover:

△ The Basics of Money & Money Mindset

△ The Deeper lessons around Money and How to become an Empowered Co-creator

△ How to heal your wounding around Money and Power

△ The Negative Belief systems around Money and how to overcome them and re-programme your Mindset

△ Energy leakage & Energy Management and how this is linked to your relationship with Money

△ The Nature of Exchange & How to Value Yourself

△ The powerful 3 Step Formula for 5D Manifestation

△ How to Manifest Abundance in alignment to your Purpose & Destiny

△ How to Price your Services and how to know when you are charging too low or too high

△ Spiritual Business 101: How to manifest abundance in the 5D Feminine way and the KEY tips for creating a successful Spiritual Business

△ All my knowledge, experience & tools of working with money, abundance & creating a 5D Spiritual Business.

Receive a 5D Sacred Feminine Abundance Activation

You will receive a 5D Sacred Feminine Abundance Activation to support you connect, receive and embody the Sacred Feminine frequencies of our New Earth Grid.

We will anchor in your connection to the new Earth Grid so that you start manifesting in alignment to your Higher Self and the Universe.

You will be supported throughout the workshop to energetically shift, release, clear and rapidly evolve into a more powerful, abundant and universally aligned aspect of your Higher Self to support the co-creation and manifestation of your 5D Purpose and Reality.

Join this powerful intensive workshop…

Everything Included:

☥ Video Workshop (3 hours)

Included within Online Workshop:

☥ Heal your Relationship to Money & Abundance – Wisdom & Teachings

☥ How to MANIFEST Abundance in alignment to the 5D Feminine way for your Soul Purpose & Spiritual Business – Wisdom & Teachings

☥ 5D Sacred Feminine Abundance Activation

☥ 5D Manifestation, Money & Abundance Q&A


△ Manifest Money Now Workook
△ Strengthening You Workbook
△ Additonal Exercises for Money Management
△ Manifestation Cheques (Printable)
△ Journalling Prompts

You will provided with a lifetime access so you can watch and receive the energies of this workshop as many times as you need.

Details of Workshop

This Online Workshop will take place on Sat 3rd October which is just after the Full Moon in Aries (perfect alignment for a firey boost!). 

This workshop will take place on:

Sat 3rd October 2020
9am Pacific Time / 12pm Eastern Time / 5pm UK Time
Live Zoom Video Webinar
Workshop will be 2.5hrs in length

If you can’t join live, replay will be provided for you to watch in your own time.



Join the Sacred Feminine Abundance Intensive Workshop:

£55 / $75 USD*

To pay via Paypal Contact Me for Paypal link.

*Payment is in GBP, USD conversion is estimate, please check today’s conversion rates from GBP to USD for exact amount here.


1. How do I access the Workshop?

After you have purchased, you will be sent a link to access your workshop via the Teachable platform. Here you will have lifetime access to the workshop and all bonus materials provided.

2. Is the Workshop Self-paced?

Yes this is a self-paced workshop that you can watch, absorb and complete in your own time.

Transference Healing® is a 7th Dimensional Lightbody Healing modality which you receive within this workshop. This healing modality works with high frequency alchemy, cosmic elements and crystalline light to create rapid ascension and healing within your body and consciousness. This modality was channelled by Alexis Cartright (www.transferencehealing.com) and Melissa is a qualified teacher and advanced practitioner.

3. What currency do I pay the workshop in?

To purchase the workshop you will pay in GBP currency. The USD conversion provided is an estimate, for an accurate figure check today’s conversion rates from GBP to USD here.

4. What is the refund policy?

Once you are signed up to the workshop, there is a no refund policy. This is to ensure that you are energetically committed to receiving the powerful benefits of this workshop.

5. Are there any Terms and Conditions?

Yes you can access the Terms and Conditions for Online Events here.

Have a question? Contact me.