The Magdalene Rose Temple is an online temple space of deep Soul Healing, Womb Wisdom & Sacred Feminine Awakening.

The temple was created as a Sacred Magdalene Container to support you to accelerate your path of Divine Feminine Mastery & to embody your Sacred Magdalene Priestess Lineage within.

Hi I'm Melissa...

Magdalene Isis Priestess, High Frequency Channeller & the Creator of Magdalene Rose Temple.

I have been on the conscious path of Soul and Spiritual development for 15 years. I have been on a HUGE journey of delving deep into my Soul Purpose, Destiny and Magdalene Lineage and have been guided to create a SAFE, NURTURING and POWERFUL space for those who are ready to receive their Magdalene Priestess Activations.

Within the Temple you can expect to receive sharings, offerings and wisdom around:

The Magdalene Rose Temple has supported hundreds/thousands of Women globally through our Activations, Programmes events and Online Courses.

What makes the Magdalene Rose Temple unique?

We utilise a blend of….

To create a synergistic blend of powerful Cosmic & Feminine frequencies which aligns with the Sirian Star System & Dimension.​

This unique blend of frequencies supports you to accelerate your Spiritual Growth, Soul Purpose & Destiny, Ascension journey & Magdalene Priestess Embodiment.

How can you get started?

Get INSTANT access to Free Magdalene Priestess Trainings, Masterclasses, Meditations & more!

Get INSTANT access to Free Magdalene Priestess Trainings, Masterclasses, Meditations & more!

Get access to my Free Temple Gifts Library including free Magdalene Priestess Trainings, Masterclasses & more to awaken your Sacred Feminine Priestess Path (Women only access)


I am so honoured that you are here and SO SO HONOURED to support you with your journey of Divine Feminine awakening and Spiritual Mastery.

My passion and work has always been to positively shift and transform Soul’s on a spiritual level, awakening true realisation and potential within them.

Through my journey...

At an early age, I was gifted with natural healing, psychic and intuitive abilities which lead me to start exploring spiritual aspects of life throughout my childhood years.

I was fascinated with Astrology and loved observing the synchronicity of people and events and how they aligned with the Divine flow of the Universe.

Throughout my life I have invested much time exploring the Divine inner workings of myself and others so i could feel and understand their true Spiritual nature.

I’ve always been gifted in that I have always been connected to my Soul and felt my Soul calling and guiding me on my Life’s Path.

Over years of spiritual exploration, study and work through many healing modalities I eventually realised that what I truly was searching and what all of us were truly searching for was…

Divine Light

We not only need a connection to the Divine Light that sustains all life but we also need to develop a connection with the Divine Light that is within us.

And now my work starts here….

I am here to be that source of Light so that you can tap into your innate Soul abilities and embody and embrace the Divine Light within you.

My work is highly transformative and alchemical as I utilise High Frequency Channellings, Energy Transmissions, Magdalene Womb Blessings, Soul Blueprint Activations and 7th Dimensional Lightbody Healing (Transference Healing® modality).

I support you to…

Live with more love, purpose, harmony and enlightenment in your day to day life.

And I empower YOU to connect to your own innate wisdom, gifts, talents and abilities and be able to take action and manifest your true creative desires, dreams, passions and divinity into the world.


It is truly a Divine journey for all of us, and I look forward to connecting with all who are ready to accelerate their Priestess path and awaken their True Destiny in this lifetime!

with blessings,
Melissa x

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Receive powerful Transmissions to accelerate the embodiment of your Highest Divinity, Sacred Feminine Purpose & Destiny. 

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Become initiated as as Rose Priestess, High Priestess of Isis, Queen of Magdalene and embody your Sacred Magdalene-Isis Lineage.

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Magdalene Rose Temple

Receive my Free Temple Gifts including Magdalene Rose Initiation, Meditations and Masterclasses to awaken your Sacred Feminine Priestess Path

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