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Welcome Beautiful Priestess!

Welcome Beautiful Priestess!

I'm Melissa, Magdalene Isis Priestess, High Frequency Channeller & Creator of Magdalene Rose Temple.

I’m here to support you to embody your Magdalene-Isis Priestess Gifts and and manifest your Divine Purpose + Sacred Feminine power into this world.

Magdalene Rose Temple is a Global Priestess Sisterhood & online temple space guiding you through Sacred Feminine Initiations & Transmissions through the Magdalene Order, Holy Grail Lineage, Mystery Schools of Isis, 5D Temples of Isis & Feminine Christ Consciousness.

I have been on the conscious Spiritual & Soul journey for over 15 years now and I am here to support you to be in COMPLETE alignment to your Priestess power…. so that you can break through the fears, blocks and limitations that are holding you back from manifesting your 5D Sacred Feminine Purpose & Destiny as a Lightworker & Priestess.

Awaken Your Rose Priestess Path

What does it mean to become a Rose Priestess?

A Rose Priestess is a Magdalene Initiate who is on the path of the Rose. She is learning, mastering and embodying the teachings of the Rose, so that she may accelerate her path to Feminine Christ Embodiment and Spiritual Enlightenment.

On this path we work with the teachings of the White, Pink and Red Rose, each containing within their own unique vibration and teachings for mastery.

The journey of the Rose is the journey of Divine Feminine Mastery, supporting you to embody your Priestess Sovereignty and awaken your Feminine Christ Consciousness.

Rose Priestess Academy

In Rose Priestess Academy you will receive your initiations of empowerment as a Rose Priestess & High Priestess of the Rose. You will receive transmissions of Rose Christ Light and will receive your Rite of Passage from Mary Magdalene & the Sisterhood of the Rose.


Go on a DEEP and Divine Womb & Yoni Healing journey with Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene.....

The Holy Womb Grail™ is an intensive 8 Week Online course where you will receive deep Womb & Yoni Healing transmissions to powerfully awaken and expand your Wild Feminine Creative Power and Sacred Feminine Sovereignty.

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In our work together we will...

We unblock and release your past emotional wounds, abuse, inner child trauma & past lives

of Sadness, Grief, Anger, Fear, Heartbreak, Loss and Dark Nights of the Soul

so that you can balance your emotions and harmonise your polarity forces to powerfully align with your Higher Self.

we will release blocks that prevent you from attracting a healthy Sacred Relationship

we will free your Divine Feminine Soul and awaken you to more creativity and Divine purpose in your life

we will heal and unblock your sacral chakra and womb, release sexual blocks and heal sexual relationships, intimacy, past experiences and awaken you to your full Sacred Sexual power

Receive Divine Feminine healings and activations guided by Ascended Masters Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and the Sisterhood of the Rose to awaken your Priestess Essence within

we will activate your Soul’s Divine Blueprint to awaken your Spiritual Gifts and activate your Soul purpose in this lifetime.

Temple Offerings

Free Magdalene Rose Temple Library

Receive my Free Temple Gifts including Meditations, Activations, Sacred Teachings and Masterclasses for your Priestess Path.

Initiations & Activations

Receive powerful Transmissions to accelerate the embodiment of your Highest Divinity, Sacred Feminine Purpose & Destiny. 

Mastery Online Courses

Become initiated as as Rose Priestess, High Priestess of Isis, Queen of Magdalene and embody your Sacred Magdalene-Isis Lineage.

Live Events

Check out our Events Calendar for upcoming Live Events, Masterclasses, Group Programs & Retreats coming up in the next year.

Group Programmes

Step into a powerful Transformational Container to accelerate your High Priestess embodiment & activate your Highest Purpose for Self-Mastery.


Find out more about our upcoming Retreats where we come together In Person as a Sisterhood to be held in a Sacred Priestess Temple container.

How we create transformational results:

High Frequency Energy Transmissions

Mother Mary & Mary Magdalene Blessings & Activations

Inner Child Healing, Past Life Regressions & Soul Aspect Retrieval

Sacred Knowledge, Ancient Teachings & Initiations

7th Dimensional Lightbody Healing

Womb Awakening & Sacred Yoni Healing

Soul Blueprint & Akashic Activations

You are invited to join us on the path of Divine Feminine Mastery...

You are invited to join us on the path of Divine Feminine Mastery...

Receive the teachings and wisdom of Mary Magdalene and embody the transmissions of Rose Mastery & Sacred Inner Union…

Within the Magdalene Rose Temple you will receive High Frequency Healing, Sacred Teachings, Transmissions and Soul Activations in support of activating your Magdalene-Isis Lineage. Join us in our Sacred Sisterhood Community where you can receive and join our Free Live Video Activations.

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Receive my Free Temple Gifts including Magdalene Rose Initiation, Meditations and Masterclasses to awaken your Sacred Feminine Priestess Path

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